Knitting two sleeves at the same time?

Is it a good idea to make both sleeves at the same time (given that it is not too cumbersome on the needles)?

If anyone does sleeves this way, do you like it?

Any comments?


I find it much easier to do both at the same time. that way I don’t have to worry about increasing at the same place on the two sleeves. Plus, once you’re finished one, you’re finished!

Absolutely you can do two sleeves at the same time! It’s much easier to make sure each sleeve has the same amoutn of rows and the increases/decreases in the same place.

You can knit them flat on a long circular needle if you are worried about having enough space with each one having its own ball of yarn.

Haven’t tried it yet, but plan to next time for the reasons the others gave. I’ve been doing my socks that way and it’s so nice to know that both will always come out the same. It may be a while before I attempt a sweater again, though. The sock thing is soooooo addictive. :wink:

yes I have done things that way
it IS the best way to do it
keeps you (ME) from messing up the row count
although I get frustrated ballancing the ends of the ball of yarn