Knitting Translation?!?

Hi, I recently started knitting and I wanted to make an easy scarf for my brother. I found a pattern online, but I don’t understand it. Can anyone help?

Row 1: K3, * P1, K3 *
Row 2: K1, * P1, K3 *, end with P1, K1

This was the pattern, and I guess what I was really wondering was if it means that after I knit the first 3 stitches that I purl one, knit 3 until I get to the end of that row?

This is where I found the pattern.

I think you’ve got it. Most patterns only put one “*” at the beginning of the repeating pattern and then say: “repeat from * X times, then K1, P1” or something like that to make it more clear. Well done figuring it out on your own, Clever One!


awesome :slight_smile: ur right if it was one * you would repeat what it says after the asterisk. and ur double *s means what ever is stated between them should be repeated.

On this row
" K1, * P1, K3 *, end with P1, K1"

k1, repeat p1, k3 to the end of the row, but you’ll only have 2 sts left so you p1, k1