Knitting Tote and Needle Case

Has anyone made their own Knitting Tote and Needle case? I like my knitting to be organized and having my needles just dropped in a drawer is really starting to frazzle me. I am currently using a basic black leather tote bag (from Bath and Body Works, not intended for knitting) to cart my current project in but I would really like to make one myself with a matching case for straight, dpn and circular needles. I see that McCall’s has a pattern and it looks cute (tote with handy pockets inside).

Any comments, advice or input?

On the forum where people showed completed items…a couple of people have shown needle cases they’ve made and they’ve been really lovely and so transportable. I have mine in a plastic tub but it’s not appropriate for travel.

I think my ziplock baggie method might make you cringe!


I have this pattern but haven’t made it yet. I love that the needle case is attached to the bag.

I have seen this pattern. I can’t decide between that one and this one:

How about this one from my favorite pattern designer?

Amy Butler

you can buy it here

Theseare cool and practical. I have a shorter/fatter version for my crochet hooks.


I basically designed my own needle case (one I generally leave at home) and used scrap yarn. I do wish I had used a heavier fabric, though. Something like felt or a denim-weight fabric would work better than the basic cotton I used.

Here’s a general idea of what I did.

  1. Cut out a large rectangular piece of fabric - about 24"-30" wide and long enough for folding over the top, and folding up the bottom to do a pocket.
  2. Cut out 1-2 (or none) additional rectangles higher than the pocket you’ve accounted for in step 1. (My plan was, 1st level of pockets for dpns, 2nd level for my 7-10" needles, and 3rd level for my long straights).
  3. Hem the edges and sides.
  4. Pin pockets (including fold-up pocket from step 1) in place.
  5. Sew in narrow pockets for needles - starting at about 3/4" on the right, and moving up to as wide as you need to hold your widest needles. (I didn’t go wide enough and my 17s don’t fit in my holder). Don’t forget to sew the side seams, too.

You can either design it to fold up and fasten with ribbon or a button, or you can have a rolled one (my mom has a rolled one). One of these days I need to improve on what I have. I liked the McCall’s pattern you found, too, though it isn’t big enough for my collection.

(For circular needles, I use sandwich bags to keep them separate and “file” in a cosmetics case which is just the right size.)

Awesome, Thanks so much for your input! Now that I have an idea of what to do I need to hunt down some really cute material!

Thank You again,

I made the needle case in the back of the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch book. I love it! Before that, I kept my straight needles in a mailing tube. What I liked about the tube was that I could see and get at all the needles without having to unroll the needle case. I haven’t got a good plan for circulars yet, as they’re a new acquisition. They’re all still in the plastic bags they came in.

Yesterday at my LYS, I saw a package of clear binder pages with pockets and labels for both dpns and circulars. They looked kind of cool.