Knitting too tight?

Hello, and best regards all!
I am interested in getting into knitting as a way to expand my horizons into something of the creative realm.

I decided I wanted my first project to be a scarf.

With the help of this website’s videos I was able to learn how to do the double cast on (a technique I could not pick up by reading alone).

As I attempted to knit, however, I ran into a problem! As I transferred my first loop from my left needle (bearing the casts) to the right needle, I noticed the thread between the needles was very tight, and by the third loop I was physically unable to thread another loop. I am sure I am making some basic mistake, but any advice is appreciated!

My needles are 10 and 1/2. And my thread is 4 ply.

Thanks in advance!

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hmmm well typically i would say that it is because your cast on is too tight…which is pretty normal when you start…doesn’t sound quite right though. do you happen to have a digital camera so you can show us your stitches?

Hello, and thanks for the quick reply!

I’ll attach a picture of my cast on, although my camera is only 4.1 megapixles, so I’m not sure how well the detail will show through.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I suspect that your cast on is too tight. You should be able to slide it on your needle and it shouldn’t be a struggle to knit. Here’s something to try–hold your two needles parallel to each other, points facing the same way. Cast onto the two together and then slide one needle out. It will make a looser cast on and allow you to start knitting easily.

Another thing that might have happened is that you were casting on on the tip, possibly? That would make your stitches too tight. When you cast on, don’t pull the stitches tight–just snug them up enough to keep them even.

You’ll get it. :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot! I think I was doing my cast on too tight.

I have another very general question. I can’t tell this from the video.

Is every ‘loop’ of a cast on actually composed of two pieces of the string that essentially criss-cross?

That is to say, when I go up into the front of the stitch I’m really going through two pieces of the string?

If not, my cast on must be flawed.


Only the first CO should have two stitches showing. Each one after that should have one.

Jan’s right. Each loop should be only one strand. You go under the top strand on the thumb side, then over the other strand, and then back under the top thumb strand if that makes any sense.

Thanks! After watching the cast on video again (several dozen times!) I saw that there is a flaw in my cast on, although I’m having trouble pinning down my exact problem I know it is at the end of the cast.

I’ll practice and review the video again more tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help so far!

Good luck with it–you’ll get it!