Knitting through the back loop?

Only been knitting for a month or so and I just found out knitting through the back loops is, apparently, a bad thing?

I just did a few stitches with knitting through the front loop/leg and a few through the back and I really didn’t see much difference.

Can someone explain to me why I’m “wrong”?


I did this too! (with knit and purl!) Aparetntly is twists the stitch. I could never “see” that twist… but I guess that is what happens.

Hi knitrrgrrl,

Knitting through the back loop does twist the stitch, so if you’re trying to get the even looking Vs, in stockinette stitch it will look different. If you’re doing garter stitch, it’s a little tighter but doesn’t look all that different ( unless you look REALLY close).

Sometimes you actually WANT to knit through the back loop. Rice stitch is a decorative stitch similar to Seed stitch in which you P1, K1tbl, P1, K1tbl etc. on right side and do regular knit on second row. It’s used often in Aran sweaters instead of Seed stitch, but if you don’t knit through the back loop it doesn’t work as well. There is also a knit two together through back loop decrease I’ve seen used occasionally.

My great-aunt (who taught me to knit 40 years ago) always knit through the back loop and I was about 13 before a friend showed me why my stockinette stitch looked “different”. I never did tell my aunt. She knit dozens of sweaters and hundreds of pairs of mittens for charity in her 96 years and ALWAYS knit through the back loop!!



Thank you for your informative response!

lol Well it seems like it’s almost one of those “if you get the results you want, then it’s right” kind of deals. :wink:

I’d switch over now on my current project, but I’m doing stockinette and I don’t want it to look different than the rest. :wink:

Thanks again. :smiley: