Knitting Thimble

Can someone explain how to use a knitting thimble for
color work? I was in my lys and they were selling them and
now I am intrigued. I have avoided stranded color work
because it just seems a bit intimidating. I know many people
like using both hands for the separate colors but I am just
retarded when it comes to knitting English style so that is
just not going to happen! The thimble looked like a practical
way to keep the colors separated and neat while doing it
but is it difficult to use? I am thinking of taking up the
challenge but would like some input first!

Is this the one?
You wear it like a ring. Slide one color into the upper loop and one into the lower ring. The coil keeps the colors separate so you can easily grab the one you need.

I like the metal one much better than the plastic one on the same page, which keeps the colors parallel to each other and makes it harder to pick up the right color with your needle.

Finally, here is Grumperina’s homemade version, with a Bandaid wrapped around an old ring.

If you’re still having a problem figuring out how to use one of these gadgets, ask for a lesson at the store that sells them.

Ok, the thimble for sale was the second one on the page
you linked, the plastic one. There was no one in the store
who could show how to use it which is why I thought to ask
here. I guess mainly the thing I am unsure about it is how to
grab the second yarn. Do I grab the second yarn from over
the first or under…or does it matter at all?