Knitting Term - Ridges

I am working on a new pattern and the directions say to knit for 20 “ridges”. Is that the same as 20 rows? Thanks

Counting ridges is usually referring to garter stitch. (Knitting a row, turning the work, knitting a row…etc.) For garter stitch it takes two rows to create a ridge on one side. So looking at one side, 20 ridges is 40 rows.

Thanks so much. 20 rows didn’t make sense…

Amy, I am working on a pattern that says to "pick up and knit 1 st for each ridge. Does it matter which side of the ridge I pick up?

Probably not; since it says ‘ridge’ you have garter stitch so both sides look the same. After you pick up sts though, you’ll have a definite RS and WS so if you need to pick up more, make sure it’s with the RS facing.