Knitting Tension?

When I first start a project my knits are tight and even. As I get more into the stitches my knits are looser and bigger. I’ve tried so hard to pull the tension tighter when this happens to bring it back to the original knits, but it’s not working.

I know it takes practice, but man this hat is gonna look funny. :doh:

Anyway to keeping it more uniform??


have you ever measured your gauge at the beginnning and where it is getting looser? my guess would be that your looser stitches are probably more on gauge than the tighter stitches.

They really don’t get looser til the 40th+ row.

And I’m so new, I’ve only “gauged” once and it was just a “test” not for a project. :oops:

When you first start a project, you’re probably trying really hard to do it ‘just right’. When you get into it, you relax and let the needles and yarn determine how tight your stitches should end up.

So just . . . . relax! :wink: