Knitting Technique

I came across with this 2 knitting technique, and I am not sure what does it call.
Have you seen this or can you tell me what is these call? :slight_smile:

    –This doesn’t look like P3tog or K3tog. It has the right needle slide through the 3 sts on left needle (from left to right), and the right needle is on top of the left needle.



  1. Yes, this is a k3tog, a right leaning stitch.
  2. This is also a k3tog but it leans to the left. It’s slip one to the right needle, k2tog, pass slipped stitch over the k2tog.
    Those are the correct symbols for each one.

ahh… it just weird to see the picture showing the right needle is on top of the left needle (1) k3tog. Will that be any different if i have my it below the left needle?

Btw, do you have the list of symbol and abbrev for knitting that can share?

I agree, it seems like a strange drawing. It’ll work just fine if you do the k3tog in a manner similar to the k2tog,
Thanks for reminding me. I meant to attach this link. It’s the most comprehensive list of chart symbols I know.

ty ty :slight_smile:

I am learning how to read and work with the chart.

I knit first row with 13 sts. But when come to the 2nd row, it seem I am having extra one sts. :frowning:
I have 5 sts left and cannot do the k3tog at the end.

13sts is correct for row 1. Row 2 begins and ends with a k4tog (knit four sts together).
Remember that the yarn over doesn’t use a stitch. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back. That’s it.