Knitting Stripes

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 I was just wondering how do you go about knitting stripes?  Do you completely bind off when you're adding another color and if not, how do you hide a small length of string?  I'm not sure if this makes sense but wanted to see what advice anyone had for me?

There are a couple of great videos on this site under the videos->advanced-techniques section: Go to the knitting with two-colors at the same time area of the page (a little more than half-way down).

Also, search the forums for info on getting rid of jogs when knitting stripes in the round. There are some great tips in those threads.

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No, you don’t bind off. If the stripe is narrow you can carry the other color up the inside, but if it’s wider than 2 or 3 rows you can cut the yarn and just start knitting with the new color and weave in the ends later.

Just make sure you avoid any jogs when starting the new color. (You don’t want ‘steps’ in the rows.) Check out any of the existing posts on ‘jogless join.’

I just knitted strips for the very first time in a hat that I made. It is really easy and FUN to do! I was knitting in the round and decided where I wanted the strips to be, and then when I got to that point of the hat, I just started knitting with my contrast color (for the strip). I read on this forum about knitting jogless strips and was given this website for details. It was easy and looks so nice!

to add a new colour for a strip it is as simple as holding the new colour yarn as if you had been knitting with it all the time and just carrying on knitting with it for as many rows as you want. You can either cut the yarn each time you change colour, or you can ‘carry’ the yarn, which involves taking the yarn you are not using vertically up the piece at the edge or start of the round, twisting it around your working yarn every so often to keep it tidy.

The bits which hang down from where you add new yarn (often called ‘tails’) can be woven in after you have finished to secure and hide them.

Thanks for all the replies. I decided against binding off, and just leave the tails since there will be 30 rows between each color. It’s not a pattern I found anywhere, just sort of pieced together my own patter…eek We’ll see how that goes :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried this, but I really want to soon when I have time. It shows how to weave in ends as you knit with a new color so there’s nothing to weave in after.

Hope that helps!! Stripes look so hard but they’re so much fun!

I’ll definitely have to try that! Thanks!