Knitting Stitch Pattern Books

With Christmas coming up I have asked, as always, for money (I can never decide what I want!). What I would like to buy with some of the money is one good (or maybe two) knitting stitch pattern books. I have some of the old Harmony ones but I am looking for more. Ideally I like to knit in the round so it either has to contain stitch patterns suitable for knitting in the round or easily converted and I prefer written instructions (but again if they are in chart form I can just type them out). In a ‘proper’ book format or ebook, I don’t mind which. What are people’s ‘go to’ books?

Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionary is a classic. I like Maria Parr-Jones Knitting Stitch Bible.
I also go to the Knittingfool site because of the ease of sorting out patterns.

As long as you recognize the stitch count, any of these stitch patterns can be used in the round.

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Thanks. That’s great :blush:

Alter Knit stitch dictionary is great for modern colourwork patterns, and the Japanese knitting stitch bible by hitomi shida is lovely too!


I have Alter Knit and would also recommend it! Also Barbara Walker’s books, but I think hers can be hard to get hold of.

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Knitting in Circles: 100 Circular Patterns for Sweaters, Bags, Hats, Afghans, and More…Nicky Epstein

Thank you for all your suggestions. For now I have downloaded the Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook by Melissa Leapman as an ebook and just from a quick look through I have found at least 5 beautiful patterns! I will keep all your other suggestions on my shopping list :blush: