Knitting Software

Could anyone give us some names of good knitting software? We’re looking for something that will help us make complete patterns, not just the designs on the garment. We’re trying to find something online, but it’s confusing.

We have Windows XP, no Service Pack 3 (heard that was a bad idea).


I’ve moved your post to the General Forum since it’s not a question about how to do something in a pattern.

This site has several different types of software. I don’t have any of them yet, but Artlady loves the Sweater Wizard.

I designed these 4 sweaters with the use of theSWEATER WIZARD!
(Jan, you know me so well! :wink:)

My husband loves his jacket!

I got my ‘pattern stitches’ from various “knitting bibles” and “edge books”.

I’m thinking of knitVisualizer… don’t know where to find it …

This might be it! I just googled it.

There are more links to look at, too! But most of them lead back to the link I shared.

Yes that is it, thanks artlady. It’s useful to design patterns, with or without lace…

Yeah but Artlady’s a genius! I wouldn’t use her as an example.:slight_smile:

Nah, not a genious :aww: but you’re so sweet to say it!

I actually owned Sweater Wizard for a couple of years before getting up the courage to play around with it. The first time I opened it, I totally “didn’t get it”. I thought, ‘well that was another waste of money, darn it’…

But a couple years later, I had all of this girlie stash I wanted to use for my DGD’s. (thanks, Ebay) I just COULD NOT find a pattern. Being a “follow-the-pattern” kind of gal…I was really stuck. At this rate, the girls would be in college!

So I tried out the Sweater Wizard again, and for some reason…a lightbulb went on! It was so much easier than I thought.

Here’s what I didn’t understand. BEFORE going to see the Wizard :teehee: you must FIRST select a pattern stitch and needle size and KNIT a 4"x4" swatch. With your swatch in hand, you knock on the Wizard’s door! :wink:

The Wizard will guide you through all the remaining aspects of building a sweater pattern. It’s that easy!

I think the REAL GENIOUS are people who design software like the Sweater Wizard, and Designers who publish all of these fantabulous designs we’re seeing today! It is soooo way better than my grandmother’s knitting days!
Although I understand that those designs are now called VINTAGE, and the 20 yr olds are into VINTAGE! That’s ok. They’ll look beautifully VOGUE in their VINTAGE designs…I’d just look old!


Have you tried

This one isn’t software. It’s in a book form. I have this one at home. It’s Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design: Working from a Master Pattern to Fashion Your own knits by Sharon Turner. You can use any size needles, any yarn, and these are multiple sizes from children’s through adult. They teach you how to do basic garments and customize them with little touches. This is not only for sweaters, but hats, mittens, gloves, etc. They have master patterns and you insert your numbers from the charts. You can click to look inside the book here at Amazon.