Knitting Socks

:knitting: I was wanting to knit 2 socks at once but I cant seem to find a pattern that tells you how to do it, any advice??

Here’s a couple patterns.

OH this looks complicated.
If you google “knitting 2 socks at once” you will come up with a bunch of hits. This was the first one. It will be a long time before I attempt this one. This is sort of a tutorial.

Thanks for the patterns, Toe-up will be new for me but I have been wanting to try it


I ordered Nena Gallati’s DVD and it’s GREAT!!! You can get it at Knit Picks or at I watched the video one time and now I’m doing FOUR socks at a time!!!

there are two basic styles, (toe up, top down)

toe up is easier first time round.

But with either method, Cast on, ROUND 1, setting up the 2 socks on the 1 (or 2) needles is the hardest part.

I LIKE several toe up methods, (Magic, or Eastern cast on)
(cast on 1 sock, (use a paper clip or a clothes pin or something to hold yarns momentarily), cast on second sock (with a second ball of yarn)

Turn work, and start Round 1. (remove clip/pin when you come to it… (both the magic and eastern cast on will ‘loosen up’ if left unknit… the clip or pin just hold the cast on tight ([I]you can spend a few minutes tightening it up… but why? a small "binder clip’ (1/2 inch size!) or small plastic (toy!) clothes pin works great[/I])

(socks knit 2 at time (on either 1 needle/magic loop or 2 on 2 circ’s) [B][I]“FEEL”[/I][/B] like flat knitting, you knit, (sock 1, sock 2) you turn work (like flat knitting) and knit (sock 2, sock 1)

i am currently working on the 1 inside the other one found at and i must say it is not nearly ad diffuculy as it seams. casting on and connecting while keeping your orientation is the most diffucult part even the shorrows and nothing once you get into the swing. make sure you in a mood to be challange a bit when you start but once you get going youll find you can knit em while watching tv w/ no prob

i havent finished em yet
the main reason i started em was i was looking for a challenge so once it became kinda normal i lost focus and something shiny caught my attention :wink: