Knitting socks

Does anyone know where I can go to watch a video or a link to show me how to knit socks I have a couple of patterns but I’ve never tried to knit socks before.

Hi nannieree
I was checking my email yesterday and something came in from Knitting Daily. When I opened it up Susan B. Anderson had her sock pattern. It seems as though she has alot of tutorials with it also. Perhaps you could google her to find her site and see what she has to offer! Hope that helped! bonbon

Are your patterns for cuff-down or toe-up? On YouTube I found knit picks has a really good tutorial for cuff-down socks and very pink knits has several tutorials for toe-up socks. I like them all. You can probably find one that best matches your pattern.

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Thank you very much. Ill check them out.

Thanks a lot.

In addition to the good recommendations above, Silver’s sock class is a good basic sock tutorial
I also like Liat Gat’s videos for toe up socks:

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Stacy @ very pink knits is Excellant.


I, too, would like to knit socks someday. But I will need the easiest sock pattern and video there is out there! I can’t imagine doing the heels! If anybody runs into a really easy peasy pattern/video,please let me know. I have lots of sock yarn. If socks have to be done with DPN’s, I probably never will. I hate using DPN’s.

You’ll do it, Pauline. The Liat Gat video I linked to is a nice one. She takes it step by step in a series of videos and makes the socks with magic loop.

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Well, that’s encouraging since I just learned the magic loop and I’m on my second project, using it. I finally got a system going where I put a marker on each loop because my loop kept disappearing!

In that video, is that CO method the only way for socks? Using 2 needles? That looks complicated.

There are lots of ways to cast on for socks. What’s so nice about this method is that the toe is automatically grafted together. Turkish cast on will also do this. I bet sock knitters can give you more possibilities.

You can use other methods and seam or graft the stitches if you prefer.

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Thanks, I’ll check that out. In the meantime I found this and I think I’ll try it. See if you think I could after just learning the magic loop.

Give it a try. You’ve worked out magic loop so this should work too. Liat Gat is very clear with her method, too.

I think I will make that my next project. I’ll be asking questions for sure! :smile:

I didn’t see an edit button and I forgot to mention. I have also learned to co a crochet stitch on like she used and it makes such a pretty edge.
Ok, I found the edit button! :relaxed: One more question: Before I print this out, which is easier for a beginner? Toe up or toe down?

I think toe-up is easier.

Cuff-down socks involve short rows, picking up stitches along a selvage edge, and the Kitchener stitch. The heel is worked differently from the toe. And there is always the fear that you made the cuff too long and will run out of yarn before you finish the foot.

Toe-up socks just involve short rows. The heel is the same as the toe (if your pattern uses a provisional cast on and the toe is worked with short rows). Since you knit the foot first, you know that you have enough yarn and can make the cuff as long as you want. Plus, you can try it on as you go if you use magic loop.


Thank you, Metylda! Sounds right to me.

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