Knitting socks without a gusset


Looks like I have lost (or misplaced) a pattern to knit a sock without a gusset…looks like I went with a dutch heel but the rest of my sock does not match the other (put my sock down for awhile and started knitting it up) and I will have to frog yet again. Somehow it looks like the decreases are hidden somewhere and after you turn the heel you have the magic amount (52 sts in this case) to continue on.

I went off memory for a general sock and of course after I turned the heel then I was creating a gusset! The completed sock does not have one. Any help?



I initially thought of an afterthought heel (EZ) but I think you would have remembered doing that. I’m knitting a sock right now that has the gusset at the bottom of the foot (Cat Bordhi). Maybe if you post a picture we can take a better guess.

I think the heel you used/are looking for is the Band Heel.