Knitting socks on two straight needles! Help!

Hi, I need help, I’m knitting socks from a king cole pattern for two straight needles and I’m completely stuck, I’ve done the left fine but now I’m stuck, it’s telling me to put first 11stitch on right hand need, done that, then 23 on a stitch holder, done that and the finally 11 on a spare needle, done that. Here’s where I’m stuck, then it says “with wa facing, rejoin yarn to instep edge of first 11 stitches and knit to end (now I’m guessing that’s the stitches on the right hand needle) turn spare needle and with ws facing purl to end”. What?! So confused!

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Hi and welcome to the forum!
You’re going to be working on the WS of the sock, maybe a purl side. Attach the yarn to the edge of the 11sts on the right hand needle nearest the 23sts on the holder. Take the needle with the 11sts in your left hand and purl across. Now purl across the 11sts on the spare needle.
This assumes that the sts on the spare needle are oriented so that you can purl over toward the held sts. If the spare needle isn’t oriented correctly, change the orientation.
You’ll end up with 23 held sts and all the instep sts on a single needle ready to turn and work the next row with the RS facing.
Which pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

Hi salmon

Will that not leave me with yarn going across the stitches that are on my stitch holder? lol I’ve been trying for two day now, this is what I keep staring at

The pattern is asking you to rejoin yarn which means you’ll cut the present yarn strand coming from the ball leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Attach a new end of yarn at the edge near the holder again leaving a tail to weave in. You’ll be purling across the inside or WS of the two sets of 11sts and joining then together. These are actually the heel sts not the instep as I wrote in my first post.

Your knitting looks very nice. You know that you are working twisted sts?

I’m still confused, my head is melted haha.
How do I connect the two 11sts? Or is that not what to do? yeh I took the stitch off and on the needle that many times, I gave in make it look nice and decided this sock is just a trial run and gave in trying to make it pretty

Yes, it is confusing. You’re going to be joining what are now the two edges of your knitting so it seems weird. This drawing is attempting to show you where the join is:
The sts in the very front are your held sts. The new strand of yarn rejoins on the right. Purl across needle 1 and then needle 2.

I can also mark up your photo if you think that might make more sense.

Thanks so much for that, really thoughtful and helped alot

See how it goes from here and if it’s still not working out, come back and ask again. Good luck with the socks!