Knitting socks on the magic loop

I was wondering if anyone out their in the knitting world know how to do socks on the MAGIC LOOP finger weight yarn I have started and for some reason they look different then my friends who is doing it with dpn. so if anyone out their has a pattern, that would like to share that would be great.

Everyone says it is just like dpn ( but again mine looks different) pattern so of that is the case please share the pattern as well

again it is finger weight yarn with a size 2 needle

thank you Jenifer Peters

I am all into doing socks using magic loop now. I’m finding it way easier than dpns.

How exactly do yours look different???

I have not seen any patterns actually written for magic loop. I just take whatever sock pattern and just do it on magic loop rather than dpns. When I get to the decrease sections, I use stitch markers to mark which stitches would be on what needles if I were using dpns, and just go along same as always. A few patterns that I have used are these…

If I can be of any more help, or if you have more specific questions, let us know!

By the way, I’m envious of your size 6 feet!!! I wear a 9/10.

Thank you again for all your help I am trying to do the 56 st 56 row pattern so I will keep you up to date on how it goes Thank you again Jenifer

I think this might help. It’s doing two at once. But you can just do one at a time too.‘magic%20loop%20sock%20pattern’

thank you and have you ever done the magic loop making socks?

fill free to share with me on how it went :lol:

Jenifer, I have done the magic loop and I think I prefer it. I’ve done both one at a time and two at a time, and I think I prefer the one at a time.

Here are a couple of pics of last socks I did - toe up and sherman heel on a circ.

I want my socks to look like yours :thinking: GRRRR I will some day get this sock thing I am on the 56 st and 56 row pattern so I am hoping I will get a GOOD PAIR of socks out of this… :rollseyes:
well thank you for the pic they look Great…!!!I will take pic of mine that is if they look that great what pattern did you use for those socks?
that is if you don’t mind sharing

Thank you :XX:

What size needles are you using? I’ll look up the pattern I used later - on our way out. But I used a 48 cast on with size 4 or maybe 6 needles once and they were fine, but kind of a bit loose. Then I made them with size 2 needles - same yarn and they were nice snuggy perfect socks. The one in the pic is on a size 2 - again same yarn, but gotta find the pattern. It was a short row heel and I think I liked doing the gusset ones better.

Good luck and take a pic! These were my first socks I’ll attach, and they fit, but were a little looser. And as always with mine, there’s mistakes! You’ll learn a lot doing your first pair.

Found the pattern for the short row ones: but again, I liked the regular pattern with gussets better.

I am using a us 2 and a finger weight yarn. LET ME TELL you that that yarn is a lot of money where I am at. $16.00 wow for a pair of socks… well that is that thank you for all the pictures I LOVE THEM AND I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE A PAIR MY SELF!!!


jouf…what yarn did you use for those? Love the colors.