Knitting sideways one piece

Hello again everyone.

I’m in need some advice on this jumper Im knitting, my first one.

Its a knit sideways, one piece, on circular and straight needles. Im going to link the pattern to save confusion because its a little unusal.

I start by knitting my ‘left sleeve’ on straight needles, once done I slip that sleeve onto my circular needles and get started on my main body on my straight needles (thats where Im up to, well I accidently started my left sleeve on my circulars, but I think the right side is facing me, which is required when slipping from straight to circular, so I should be right there, no biggy…I think).

Once the ‘main body’ is done it also gets transferred onto the circulars, then I get started on my ‘main body left’ on straights. All the while my first left sleeve is sitting happily waiting, next to my main body. In the pattern it doesnt mention whether to do anything with the remaining wool sitting on my left sleeve or main body, so essentially I’ll be left with these pieces of knitted parts on my circulars with 3 balls of wool still attached, 1 ball per piece. Does this sound right?

Edit: Just noticed my right side isnt facing me with my sleeve on the circulars, the yarn is on the right hand needle when the RS is facing me, do I just transfer all the stitches to the left needle fix this, my brain just isnt computing right at the moment.

Very pretty and interesting pattern. You can cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail when you finish the sleeve. When you finish the main body front, leave the ball of yarn attached. Do the Main body back and slip that onto the correct position on the circular needle and cut the yarn leaving a tail to weave in later. The 3 pieces will be oriented so that you have the back, sleeve, and then front on the left hand needle of the circular with the working yarn coming off the front and the public side of the knitting facing you. Pick up the working yarn strand coming off the front part of the sweater. That’s where you start knitting for the sweater and then the left shoulder shaping.
As far as the sleeve sts that are now sitting on the circ, they’re fine, just turn them so that the RS is facing you. You don’t care where the working yarn tail is because you’re going to cut it anyway.

Salmonmac, you always manage to find a simple straight forward answer, thankyou, you have eased my pain. :muah:

Ok, due to family annoyances I have only just got back to this item and its just not coming together. Your advice made so much sense Salmonmac, I just cant work out where Im going wrong. You said, “The 3 pieces will be oriented so that you have the back, sleeve, and then front on the left hand needle of the circular”.

Starting from the left needle, as in photo, I have main front, sleeve, main back, the back being next to the right hand needle, rs facing me. Thats what I’ve ended up with after doing what the pattern says.

I have attached a photo for clarity. I have all 3 pieces attached with rs facing, this is how it appears in the photo. After doing the sleeve I worked on the main body front and slipped it onto the left hand of circ needle. At this point I left the working yarn attached even though it was sitting along side the sleeve, I thought the working yarn should not be there but on at the top end of the left hand needle. Anyway I ignored a that problem thinking I would cross that bridge when I came to it and started on the main body back which when done I slipped onto the right circ needle. Again I have the same problem with the working yarn being in the middle along side the sleeve. Now anyone with common sense would say, you must have the ws facing you, but I dont, I have triple checked this, the knit side rs is facing me on all 3 pieces. I have been working the garment up to this point flat, Im assuming my next step is working in the round joining all these pieces. I have never worked in the round but if I am that would mean my working yarn needs to be on the right hand needle, is that correct? So my dilema is, how on earth do I get the working yarn where it needs to be, and does it need to be on the left or right at the moment its not on either. Is it as simple as doing the switcharoosy, with the main front and back, making them swap places, even though that seems to go against the pattern instructions? Im seriously confuzzled. :think: The link to the pattern Im using is in my original post.

main front, sleeve, main back, rs facing by Mrs_Pilgrim, on Flickr

What you you should have done here is casting on the front and back sts to the sleeve in a T shape. So you didn’t need to do them with separate yarn, just cast on at the beg of a WS row for the front, and the beg of a RS row for the back.

But since you’ve got them like this, just keep going. Slide the back stitches onto the other end of the needle (put the tips together and slide them over as if you’d just knit those sts) so you have some working yarn at the end of the R needle. Then knit the sleeve sts then the front sts and turn. Work back over all the sts to the end of the row. That will join all the pieces.

I think you’re almost there. You’re not going to join this and knit in the round. It’s knit flat: up the front, over the sleeve and shoulder and then down the back. Then you turn and work back.
Your line up of pieces is correct and the wider end of the front and back are in the correct orientation (toward the hips end of the sweater rather than the underarms). You can either slide the front sts over to the right needle as Sue suggests and pick up the working yarn that’s hanging off the front and continue by connecting to the sleeve or you can leave the pieces as is, cut the hanging yarns leaving about a 6" tail and start working with a new end on the lower (hips) end of the front which is sitting on the left hand needle.

Ok…Im pretty sure I understand, I can see the orientation more clearly now, I guess I’ll get a better eye for those things as I practice more.

So if I do Sues way Im slipping over the front piece to the right needle. From there I pick up the working yarn on the right needle (see I’ve never done that, my working yarn is always on the left, but I guess because Im ‘[B]joining[/B] the pieces flat’ the working thread is on the right temporarily, until joined). Then I proceed to follow the pattern like this. Skipping the Bold bit for now…(Im doing largest version) k60 sts of the sleeve, then k72 across the sts of front to last 4 sts, sl1, k3. Turn work, continue pattern in bold. Then continue on with the part of the pattern I’ve highlighted in blue. I wonder if this is too advanced for me…? :oo:

This is the original pattern.

[B]On the circular needle, With RS
facing, K3, Sl1 and continue to
K across the 64[66:68:70:72]
sts of the Main Body – Back [/B]

then across the 52[54:56:58:60]
sts of the sleeve, then across the
64[66:68:70:72] sts from the Main
Body Front to the last 4 sts, Sl1,

[COLOR=“DeepSkyBlue”](180[186:192:198:204 sts).
Starting with a P row, work 11
rows of St St, keeping continuity of
the slip stitch on the K rows.[/COLOR]

Looking at the picture you said the sts on the right edge are the Back not the front. Put those over to the other needle and it’ll be like you’re in the middle of a row, that’s why the yarn is on the R needle (the beginning of the row is where it is now, you’re just backing up a bit to get the working yarn at a needle tip.) Then skip to the sleeve part of the joining row, pretend you’ve already done the back (which you did, the sts are all knit anyway) then the Front sts.

I see, thankyou Suzeeq, I will post an update on my progress in a few days. :knitting:

And yes, skip the bolded part, knit the sleeve sts and then on to the part in blue. You’ve got it! Once you see it all together, it’ll make more sense. Don’t worry if the join from back to sleeve and sleeve to front seems fragile and loose to begin with. Those joins will come togethar as you knit the 11 rows of stockinette st.

Just an update on the progress of my jumper…Im thinking about frogging and trying something different.

Edit: I’ve put this project aside for now, have decided not to frog yet but am working on a simpler pattern to get a better idea of how a jumper should all come together.

I did as you both suggested and slipped the main front stitches from the left needle to right, skipped the bold bit and carried on knitting. Then I realised I must have done something wrong because about 8 rows in I noticed my knit side had now turned into my purl side. I frogged back to the sleeve and started back at knitting the main front and main back on straights and slipping them onto the circulars again. Then I thought I realised what my initial mistake was before posting here for advice. I felt like such a dill. I was viewing the right side as the side facing me from the sleeve hanging off the cord, which of course turns about once that part is in the needles. :wall: So with my right side facing me [B]on the needles [/B]and ensuring all pieces would be facing me right side once they got to the needles I noticed my working yarn was now on the left needle, as it should have been the first time round. But now I faced the next conundrum.

Salmonmac said previously : Your line up of pieces is correct and the wider end of the front and back are in the correct orientation (toward the hips end of the sweater rather than the underarms).

Well that wider part is on the inside lying next to the sleeve rather than the outside. Then when I went back to the pattern to read the next stage (that part that I had highlighted in bold in previous post). If I knit across, as it says, I wont be knitting across the mainbody back (their instuctions), I’ll be knitting across the main body front because its on my left needle, which is the needle the pattern directed me to slip them on…

Pattern telling me to slip front on left needle:

Main Body – Front Cast On
With 6mm needles cast on 15 sts.
K to last 4 sts, slip 1, K3.

Yadda, yadda, yadda (pattern)…

…With RS facing, slip these
64[66:68:70:72] sts onto the [B]left
hand point of the circular needle[/B].

This is the part Im upto in the pattern

On the circular needle, With RS
facing, K3, Sl1 and continue to
K across the 64[66:68:70:72]
sts of the Main Body – Back

I feel like a real twit with all this confusion, and you guys have been so helpful so far I just dont want to be a time waster, Im 1 step away from frogging this thing and moving onto something simpler. Heres a photo of how it looks this time around, I positioned it as if Im about to start knitting, the paper clip is on the rs.

current state by Mrs_Pilgrim, on Flickr

The reason for putting the wider end of the front and back at the ends of the needles is to give you the shaping that you see in the picture. This way, it curves in nicely at the waist. You can continue with the sweater the way you have it oriented now, but it’ll just be a little wider under the arms (which may be nice shaping too) Otherwise, reverse the fronts and back so the wide parts are at the tips of the needles.
You know, the pattern seems to contradict itself? The position of the back and front (front on the left needle, back on the right needle) means the front gets knit first, since you knit off the left needle and onto the right, but at this step, it sounds like the back is first! Don’t let it bother you, the back or front are the same at this point (only the neck shaping is going to make a difference).

"This is the part Im upto in the pattern

On the circular needle, With RS
facing, K3, Sl1 and continue to
K across the 64[66:68:70:72]
sts of the Main Body – Back "

This is like the set up row of many projects, it’s almost always a pain but once you get past this you’ll be fine. Put it down for a while, do something else maybe and come back to it when you’re ready.

Salmonmac that is such a relief, I had a feeling there was something wrong with the pattern. I’ve started using the yarn for the Rachel project on this cardigan, just to get my confidence up.

Its a very quick knit and the yarn I’m using should be still very easy to obtain if I want to get more. If not I get some new yarn and start my Rachel again once the cardi is done.

You and Suzeeq have been so helpful with this project, if I could buy you both a cuppa tea and some cake I would but for now the virtual will have to suffice.


I love your idea of a treat! Wouldn’t it be fun? I’m enjoying every sip of tea and every calorie in that cake. Thanks for the invitation and good luck with thw sweater…

Mmmm yum, looks really good!