Knitting Shreddies Commerical

This is a Shreddies cereal commerical… they are “knit by nana’s” The best part is, none of them seem to have any idea as to HOW to hold knitting needles… More obvious in the end of the commercial, when you see all these’ V’s swaying back and forth as they knit…


I can’t figure out how to use the YouTube button in the post… so I will use a link for now…

I figure this can go in General Knitting since it is knitting related, but if you feel it belongs more in off topic let me know. :heart:


Oh that is funny!! :roflhard:

And it’s fine here.

Bwahahahahaha!! That is hilarious. I did notice that when they did close ups of the hands knitting the needles were in more plausible positions, but when they panned everyone was holding the needles oddly.

It’s a great commercial. Hubby pointed it out on tv one night. I don’t usually watch commercials because that’s prime knitting time! I’m still laughing! :roflhard: samm

well, I recently re discovered shreddies cereal. When I was a child I called them Shreddies and Eddies. (oh still so good as I remember) so I you tubed some commercials and found this.

I just had to share.:happydance:

After having seen this advert on tv, my almost 6yo dd asked at breakfast one day 'can knitting get wet?'
When I explored the question more, I realised she was talking about the advert!
She accepts that they’re not really knitted, but it was funny :slight_smile: