Knitting rut

I think I’m in a knitting rut. I have had a fo since mid-march! I was so excited about the socks I’m making for mom–I learned to knit just so I could make socks–and now the last two weeks I’ve hardly touched my knitting! What is going on!!! Has anyone ever had this happen? It’s a busy time of year for me and I feel a lot more tired than usual…I though for sure I’d get “into” again…any suggestions?

I suggest a fast, fun project that you can finish quickly and, most importantly, have fun knitting :smiley:

I prescribe the purchase of new yarn to spark your creative instinct!


Dr. Sara

I used to put my knitting down during busy times and sometimes had trouble coming back to it. It helped when I learned to use little bits of time to knit. It helps me feel like I’m still getting to do things I love even when other things are taking over.

I learned to keep a bag ready to go in the car with projects I could knit in small bits. It’s amazing how many bits of time here and there I find to knit, and finishing something when I didn’t think I had time encourages me to keep going.

If you don’t want to take on something big, just do a small square that you can try a new stitch pattern on and try out a new yarn with (this fits with Sara’s idea to buy new yarn :wink: ), then either keep it for information on how that yarn knits up, or start a group of squares that can become a fun afghan, or donate it to preemie project or warming grace or one of the charities that accept squares to make blankets from!

If squares don’t exciet you, think about something that might which wouldn’t seem overwhelming while you are busy. Some of the things I knit when I’m not in a mood to take on a big project but want something to do include: Slipper socks in bigger stitches, baby booties, knitted toys, panta headbands, felted bags, and things like that.

What makes knitting fun for you? Find something that feeds that fun :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

It took me a while to really get into knitting as much as I am now. After I first learned, I knitted constantly, but then, due to some personal problems–plus, having a newborn, I put the needles down for months at a time. It took knitting a baby blanket for a relative to get me going again & I haven’t stopped since. Still, a break is OK…if you just don’t feel it, take a break (ducks so that I don’t get hit by stones thrown by diehard knitters!). :lol:

I go through ruts a lot, but I always come back to it eventually. I usually knit intently for a couple of months, then put it down for a couple months as other interests take over. I guess the important thing is that I do eventually get that feeling back that I just have to knit something, and I pick up the needles again.

I second this prescription!

I second this prescription![/quote]

and I third! :thumbsup: :happydance:

a trip to the LYS should inspire you.

Definitely try something and fun to get back on track! Last month I started a sweater that became really boring, 31 inches of stockinette even in the round made me want to scream! Then I found some leftover yarn I decided to take on a 2 hour bus ride and I finished some “eggroll” cat toys or rather the feline dim sum from Knitty. It felt nice to try something new and hey if I messed up my cat was going to destroy it anyway LOL