Knitting ribbed socks on two Straight needle :/

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

So I got a pattern from Sirdar for ribbed socks on straight needles and I am completely stuck…

At the mo I have 32 sts on as stitch holder and have just finished the turning of the heel with 12 sts left on my needle. However, next it says:

“with RS facing, rejoin yarn to instep (which I thought was on my stitch holder), pick up and knit 15 sts evenly along side edge of heel, knit across 12 sts of heel and pick up and knit 15 sts evenly along other side edge of heel”

I have tried this THREE times now and I am getting so frustrated! It doesn’t look right at all and I not sure where I should be picking sts up from. The sts on my stitch holder aren’t involved until the shaping of the toe… I can’t find any help anywhere on this…Maybe that’s because it is just soo confusing that nobody bothers knitting socks on two needles…

Please help me :frowning:

The idea is basically what’s shown on this video for booties. The knitter in the video picks up from the side of the instep whereas your directions are to start with a new end of yarn at the corner where the heel meets the rest of the sock but the idea is basically the same. Pick up the 15sts along the side of the heel. knit across the heel sts and then again pick up 15sts on the other side of the heel.

If you really get stuck on this, try another pattern. One I would recommend is Bev’s two needle sock pattern. It’s not hard. I was amazed at how well these fit. They’re quite comfortable.