Knitting question for sweater

I am knitting a sweater using Patons Shetland Chunky.
It is my first sweater.
I am getting close to shaping the armholes, and don’t know how to proceed properly.

This is how it reads…
[U]Cast off 5 sts. beginning next 2 rows[/U]
Does it mean to cast of on the knit row and then purl row?
If I do one row will be higher then the other.

The other line reads.
[U]Decrease 1 st. each end of needle on next and following 4 alternate rows[/U].
Once again does it mean to decrease on the knit row , then purl row…
and [U]following 4 alternate row [/U]I am not to sure I follow.


Yes, cast off on the knit row, then the purl row. One row isn’t going to make a difference, and when you finish, you’ll be doing the same thing so both sides will actually have the same number of rows. It’s more noticeable the first couple rows but after that, not at all.

For the dec row - dec 1 st at the beginning and one at the end of the row, on the RS/knit row. Then dec the same on every other row, 4 more times.

If I am dec. at the end on the RS/knit row would I be decreasing the second stitch?

You can do both decs one st in from the edge st if you want. I usually do a SSK at the beginning of the row and k2tog at the end on the 2 edge sts.

Tks Suseeq for your help. I have another question.
[U]Then dec the same on every other row, 4 more times.[/U]

The [U]‘every other row’ [/U]is not to clear for me.

Does it mean every row or to decrease one row, than knit or purl depending
which one your decreasing from previously, and decrease on next one?

Thanks again

Decreasing on following 4 alternate rows mean, having just decreased for the first time on a knit row, purl the next row without decreasing, decrease on the knit row, purl with no decreasing, etc… that’s what Suzeeq meant by every other row.
You skip a row in between your decrease rows - in your case you’ll be decreasing on knit rows only.