Knitting poem

I’m knitting some hats for christmas gifts for my daycare children and would like to add a poem with the hats…something maybe about “love in every stitch” or something along those lines. Does anyone know of a cute poem like that? tia!

Hi! :waving:

I couldn’t resist! This just popped out! What great gifts you’re planning, and so totally from the heart! :hug:

Every stitch contains a wish
To keep you warm and cozy,
When winter winds blow wild and free
And your cheeks are pink and rosy,
You’ll have this warm and loving gift
Made specially for you
To keep your noggin toasty warm
With love and stitches, too!

Ruthie :muah:

That is very good! I like it!

Oh Ruthie - I love this poem!! Thanks so much for sharing it - it will be perfect to add to their gift!

I am making felted hats for all the girls in our family and that will be a wonderful poem to add. I will give you credit for the poem. :muah:

Ruthie, that is a beautiful poem! inspiring too!

Dang, you’re good Ruthie! I have an idea! :figureditout: Write up little poems like this and include them on the First page of each chapter of your book!!


You’re a GENIUS! I love coming up with poems for various things but I’ve been so buried in knits and purls, etc. that I didn’t even think about this! THANK YOU! (NOTE: I’m writing a knitting book for projects using cotton yarn.)

And everyone else… thanks so much for your remarks. Please feel free to use the poem whenever you’d all like! I get so much from this site I love it when I can give something valuable back!

Happy gifting, everyone!

Ruthie :hug:

I’m so glad you like the idea! If you add somewhere in the book that readers can use the poems so that would be neat, too. :wink:

Yes, Jan! :slight_smile:

I’m planning to make the use of the patterns, and now poems:thud: , as loose as possible while still protecting the actual book itself from pirating.

Knitters are SO generous, I want the readers to be able to share among themselves freely, and that includes the poems!

I’ve already made notes for some of the chapter poems… you (and this thread!) REALLY started the ball rolling! What fun! :woot:

Ruthie :yay:

Hi! :waving: So glad you liked the poem, and glad I could contribute something for you for making such wonderful gifts for your little folks! There’s nothing like a hand knit piece for saying “love”! You must have a lot of that to go around!

The very best to you,
Ruthie :hug:

What great gifts, Cindy! :hug: You are a very generous and loving knitter, for sure.

Glad the poem will come in handy.

Ruthie :woot:

Hi! :waving:

Thanks so much. Please feel free to use it whenever you want. This is one of the most inspiring sites I’ve ever seen so I’m glad I can keep a little balance in!

Ruthie :hug: