Knitting patterns for Christmas ornaments?

I’d like to knit some this year to give along with my Christmas gifts. Do you have any favorite patterns? Something besides a mini-hat or socks.

Thanks for sharing. I knitted some shapes last year and felted them- so, I’d like to try something new this year.

You may have checked here already, but there are some cute things.

There are several here including a cute plum pudding

Lots of knitted ornament patterns on this site but most have no pictures.

Here are Instructions for Bead Knitted Christmas Ball Ornament pattern.

Snowman Ornament.

Knitted Sweater Pattern you could make it more interesting with patterned yarn.

Miniature Hat Ornaments.

Thanks so much for the sites that you’ve posted. :muah:

Here is another link:

I made the snowman, santa and reindeer last year. They are really cute and fun to make. They are in crochet but you can adapt them to knitting by doing a knit stitch instead of a single crochet (sc). At least, that’s what I do.