Knitting pattern that is good for fair isle scarf?

I want to make a scarf with some fair isle, but of course I can’t just do the basic knit one row purl one row pattern (or any other pattern with a wrong side) because all the strings will show in the wrong side.
I’ve started doing this with double knitting, but it would literally take me less time to just knit the scarf twice and sew the parts together…
So first I want to ask: Is any reversible pattern good for this or will the bad side of the fair isle show on the back with some?
And most importantly, if you know a pattern that would be good for this please tell me, it would help so much.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Except for line a 1x1 checkerboard or simple vertical stripes, any kind of fair isle is going to have a somewhat messy side. Common ways to deal with this are double-knitting (which is somewhat tedious, but not really as time-consuming as making two scarves), knitting flat then sewing up the side to make a tube, adding a lining to the back or just knitting it as a tube in the round then sewing up the ends.

Two of my favorites that use the last approach (which to me would be the easiest) are Frailea and Fair Isle Scarf. The Sherlocked Scarf goes the lined route, if you want to check out how to do that.

Good luck with your scarf!

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Good idea! I’ll try that, thanks

The other option is to knit a long fair isle tube and then graft the two ends together. That way you’ll end up with a scarf the same thickness as a double knit, but with all the grafting on the inside where it can’t be seen.

Kind of like this:

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Many scarves with fair isle are knit in the round. That way all the mess stranding stuff is inside the scarf. It would look similar to double knit, but you’re just knitting round and round.

That said…Most patterns aren’t going to look exactly the same on both sides if you just knit flat. Anything with color, even stripes, will usually look a little different. You can do some textural patterns that work though like ribbing or seed stitch, but I assume from your question you want something a little more interesting than those. Here’s a few reversible patterns. There are lots more.

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Yeah, I started doing that and it’s going pretty well :slight_smile: thanks for the help <3

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Looks good :slight_smile:

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