Knitting pattern help!!!

Hello I’m new on here, I’ve done this pattern before and made the hat, but for some reason I am just not getting this pattern anymore. I’ve started with 115 cast on stitches and am on the shaping the crown part so I need to decrease it but when I’m following the instructions it’s just not adding up, can someone look and talk me through it. I’m on the 3rd number which is age 7-8 and 115 Cast on. Thank you image|674x1200

I might not be able to solve this but I did notice on your pattern that you have highlighted your size instruction, 3rd size, in yellow BUT you missed one instruction out.
Could this be why your decreases don’t add up? If you are only following the highlighted instruction you will be missing one decrease.
The missed one is row 1 telling you to do the first instruction 1 time.
When I add up the decreases is does work out to get from 115 to 105.
Does this help or still need more help?

Thank you I will go through it again thanks

OK. Hope that solves it.

Can you explain how you did it, did you go through all the row 1 and then do it again twice? Even now I’m not counting 10 decreases

No you don’t repeat all of row one. You do the work listed for row 1 once.

I’ll try to explain

115 sts

row 1
(K9, k2tog) one time
this is 1 decrease

(K9, k2tog, k10, k2tog) four times
each time the work in the brackets is done there are 2 decreases.
All work in brackets is worked the given number of times which is 4 times.
This makes 8 decreases

K9, k2tog one time
this is 1 decrease

K1 to end the row

End of row 1
105 stitches

So it’s decrease 1, then a group of work which overall decreases 8, then decrease 1. Total 10.

Instructions in [square brackets] are for the different sizes
Instructions in (round brackets) means do all this and if there is a multiple listed after the bracket then do the full work within the brackets for each repeat or number of times. That means go back to the beginning of the bracketed instruction and start the number of times there.

It can be tricky working through all the brackets but you need to look for where the bracket closes to see what work is all grouped together.

I hope this helps.
If it still doesn’t make sense I will try a different way to explain again.


Makes sense thank you x

Oh good.
Hope it turns out well.