Knitting pattern help please

Good morning, I am new to the site and hoping for some help. I am trying to graduate from kits and I have downloaded a pattern from DROPs for a cardigan. I have struggled from the start as don’t think it is very well written but have managed to make the back piece and now working on the front left piece. The pattern is here

I am working the left front piece towards the end of this piece it says When the piece measures 44-46-47-49-50-52 cm place the first 9-10-11-12-13-14 stitches towards mid-front on a thread for the neck (work them first) and finish each shoulder separately. First of all I don’t understand what these 9 stitches are for? Also what does it mean work them, I knit them then slip them onto a thread? I don’ t cast them off? It doesn’t mention them again other than to do the same on the right hand front later. If anybody can help I would be so grateful. thank you so much. xx

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Welcome to the forum!
Drops patterns are translations and aren’t always the easiest to understand.
Since this is the left front there’s only one shoulder to work on, the left shoulder (left as you would wear the sweater).

The 9sts are going to form half of the center neck. You can knit across on a right side (RS) row then slip the last 9sts of the row onto a holder or a thread of waste yarn. Don’t cast them off. You’ll get to them toward the very end of the directions under Neck:
“Knit up 77 to 99 stitches around the neck, with circular needle size 4 MM = US 6 and color pink sand (including over the bands and the stitches from the threads)…”

Thank you for the pattern information. Have fun knitting this lovely cardigan and come back with any questions or comments. We also love to see photos of finished projects.

Wow thank you so much for your fantastic reply which explains it all so well. I am so grateful and glad that I wasn’t imagining that the instructions were difficult to understand. I can now move forward with this. Just so nice to know there are people out there who are willinging to help. I don’t have anyone here to ask! Thank you so much again xx.

Salmonmac, can you check this? I think these stitches are worked on the Wrong Side for the left neck and shoulder. Then, as you say, slipped onto a holder.

I like Drops patterns.

It is a bit ambiguous but to me it’s more straightforward to work this from the RS. It’s there in front of you as you look at the sweater. Either way, it’ll work to shape the neck on the left front.



Just to be clear, the advantage of starting on the RS is that you get to the 9sts slip them, turn and work the WS row. If you start with the WS row and slip the sts, your yarn strand has to be cut and re-joined. Almost nothing I hate more than extra ends to weave in.

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It was that in the instruction the 9 stitches were to be worked prior to slipping which made me think work from ws the 9 at the neck edge and the yarn strand is in place to continue the row.
In my head they will be unworked if slipped from the right side.

But I will always defer to your knowledge, experience and good judgement. I read threads to learn even when I have no plan to make the pattern.

We all contribute to these discussions. That’s what makes it enjoyable and instructive. Yes, if you work the sts first rather than slipping, you’re set to go with the WS row. Thanks for that.

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