Knitting pattern help please

Hi guys I’m knitting a baby cardigan and have completed the first 6 rows of the left front which read:

With no 33/4mm needles cast on 25 sts.
1st row k3, (p3,k3) 3 times, p2, k2
2nd row k4, (p3,k3) 3 times, p3
3rd row k2, p3, (k3,p3) 3 tines, k2
4th row k5, (p3,k3) 3 times, p2
5th row k1, (p3,k3) 4 times
6th row k2, p1, (k3,p3) 3 times, k3, p1.

The pattern then reads
These 6 rows set position of patt with gst front edge.
Change to 4mm needles and work 28 rows more in patt as set by moving the k3, p3 along by one stitch on every alt row whilst keeping the gst border correct.

Can’t someone please tell me what this means?
Many thanks xx

It looks to me that repeating the 6 row pattern will keep shifting the k3p3 sts. Once you’ve completed row 6, go back to row 1 and continue like this. Check to see that the pattern is shifting correctly.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

Aaahhhh I see!! I was thinking I had to start changing the pattern :joy: yep it’s the king cole double knit 2767 and it’s the round neck jacket I’m working on.
Thanks so much for your help!

I’m pretty sure you won’t have to change. Each alt row seems to move one stitch over but that’s why I say check when you repeat row 1 that the pattern is working.
Very sweet pattern

I am doing this pattern at the moment. I have managed the back piece ok and moved onto the left front. Like the lady above I am really struggling with this part. I have tried just following the pattern as it is written but it doesn’t follow through. Any ideas please it is driving me nuts !!!

Welcome to KH!
Is it maintaining the pattern on the front or something else about the pattern?
To maintain the diagonal pattern, the best thing is to mark off the garter stitch border and knit the first 6 rows. On row 7, look at the pattern on the rows below. You want it to shift over one stitch to the right. Count backwards to stitch one to figure out how to start the row so that you’ll get that shift in the k3p3 pattern.