Knitting pattern for a ten inch doll

Hello there I am relatively new to knitting but am sooo addicted already. I am after a pattern for a pair of booties, a bonnet, a hat and a matinee coat. I have looked for the last few hours on the net but to no avail. does anyone know of any free patterns for ten inch dolls thanks in advance Sian xx
Ps I live in the uk and I am a nanny and I am owned by five rescued ferrets.

are you talking about barbie patterns? I have a few in my stash that I could copy type to you, if that’s the style of doll. They are WAY before the internet, so there isn’t a link for them.

Here’s a link for dolls clothing, sorry if you’ve already looked here:

oh thankyou so much for your help I will go have a good look round. AHh I have finished work I can get back to knitting woop woop…

No sorry not barbie but dolls that are like a preemie size a friend wants me to knit a matinne coat for a doll she collects and i am having a lot of fun looking for a pattern.
thanks for your help you are all so kind. all my love sian xxx

I only found one knitting pattern for that size doll. It was in an auction on eBay that already ended. You might be able to find it somewhere else, though. Good luck!