Knitting pattern for a princess line coat or sweater

image It’s not so much a Princess Line coat I want as a gored panel coat or long sweater. Whenever I’ve typed that (& variations, believe me!) into the browser, I just get long basically straight cardi patterns or there have been some flared patterns but they only have a slight flare - I’m looking for DRAMA! My preference is just a plain stockinette stitch pattern rather than cables or lace.
Thank you.

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Welcome to KH!
I immediately thought of a jacket I knit a long time ago by Shiri Mohr. It had lots of drama and flare, falling from the shoulders.

There’s also this one which flares after the waist.

The answer, I feel is in short rows. Lengthening either one would emphasize the width.

Hello & thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I guess I ought to have explained that I’m a novice knitter & have absolutely no clue as to how to modify, change or increase an existing pattern. I need a pattern like this picture (even though it’s not a knitted coat):
Something as close to the picture as possible except for the bows & the pocket placket. The collar & cuffs would be the same as the coat, not a different material.

Is there some sort of written instruction on how to knit a gore? Perhaps practicing doing that would give me a greater understanding of how to go about knitting either of those patterns you sent or, if I become very confident, to modify an existing long sweater pattern.

Thank you again for your courtesy & response.

Mrs Lisa Harper

Two things to try:
A search on Ravelry for Adult Swing Coat.
A Google search for vintage knitting pattern sites that might have a coat similar to your photo.

Good luck with the search!