Knitting Pattern Binder


I haven’t seen a “Knitting Binder” per se to place all of your patterns in. I started paper crafting pattern binders (I’m also a scrapbooker) and I have had oodles of ladies buying these from me. I just buy a three ring binder in white or neutral (so that it doesn’t show through the paper), embellish with paper, brads, stickers, stamped images, and embossing… I make partitions for baby patterns, women’s, mens, toddlers and children, home decor, holiday et cetera. I also include a knitters’ journal and place for pics of completed projects. Just a thought for those of you who would like craft ideas to sell! :slight_smile:

Maybe it is the scrapbooking instinct? I have kinda made one of these myself and the thing is already overflowing. Although it isn’t nearly as nice sounding as yours…more utilitarian…but I might take some inspiration from you and make it a lot nicer!

I just use a 3" three ring binder that has “Knitting Patterns” written in sharpie:shifty:

lol Mine doesn’t even say knitting patterns!!! I know that’s the one (as opposed to the sewing, crocheting, jewelry, scrapbooking, and craft organizing ones) because it has way too much in it, plus, it’s actually the only one that isn’t labeled (because it’s the only black one - Sharpie doesn’t show up). :wink:

The silver sharpie works great on dark colors.

I use the plastic sleeve protectors and binders. I have one for needlework and bead work.

I make these to sell too! I also make circular needle holders out of A5 binders with display pockets in them, with knitted covers :wink:

Fi xxx

they sound pretty! I bet they would make great gifts. I’ll have to dig my scrapbooking supplies out from under the yarn pile!!! LOL! I like the idea of the circ holders too-

and I like the idea where you combine patterns and “journal” stuff- adding pages where you can pin a swatch, and information on what yarn you used and what modifications you made right along with the pattern would be perfect!

(although wth all the patterns I’ve printed out for my “to do list”- I’d need 2 or 3 binders!!! ha ha)

Those binders sound nice! I will have to talk to my scrappy friends and see if they can help me out with that.:poke:

I use 3 ring binders with sheet protectors. I’ve got one for cooking (all the recipes I find that I want to try), sewing, gardening and, of course, knitting. They are great cause I can take out whatever pattern/piece of info I need at the time, can easily reorg it to suit my desires of the time and, the big thing, keep it all organized.