Knitting Party

:balloons: The Knitting Party for my 10 yo daughter was a blast. :present: :balloons:

I had too many games planned. A fun one was The Knitting Trail. I strung yarn all around our yard–across the deck through the playfort, over the trampoline, everywhere and clipped silly things for them to do along the way (say the pledge, Ring Around the Rosie, sing ABC, etc.) and roll up the yarn along the way. They had a ball. Of course, they thought some of the things were stupid but they had fun doing them. :roflhard:

Knitting Blindfolded was the quietest–they were busy counting and concentrating. Yarn Toss, Yarn Freethrown, Musical Yarn and Knitting Needle Volleyball was fun to watch. They made bead keyrings to attach to their knitting bags–O’s bag, C is a knitter, A’s knitting bag.

They didn’t start watching movies until 11 pm and finally all fell asleep by 3 am. :zzz:

DD was disappointed that they didn’t even work on their knitting projects so after breakfast they watched another movie and knitted.

I was tired the next day but it was worth it! :happydance:

Thanks for all your suggestions!!

wow, that sounded like a great time! Congrats on a successful party!!

Sounds like a great time! If you have pics, I know we’d all :heart: to see them :smiley:

It great to hear it went so well!!

Wow! That sounds like a great party!! If I ever make a page for kids and knitting, I’ll be sure to link to this thread!

What a cool mom you are!! :thumbsup:

Shoot…I may do that for MY next birthday!!! FUNNNNN!

I agree with you KellyK. It sound like fun. :happydance:

Your party sounds wonderful. I am going to suggest your idea to my wonderful daughter in law for my granddaughters birthday who is also a knitter… Thank you for sharing the party success with us :thumbsup:

KK, Let me know the address to send the invite…that sounds like a BLAST!!!

I am glad the kids had fun, and most importantly that your daughter had a great time wiht her friends!! Please wish her a happy belated for me!