Knitting pains

So I have been knitting almost non-stop all day.

My wrists ache as does my baby finger on my right hand while I am knitting.

Do you use any execises on your hands while you not knitting to strenghten them, or will my hands just adjust over time?

First off, take breaks and don’t overdo; knitting all day is a good way to work yourself into tendonitis. Whenever you overwork muscles, they’ll hurt. Yes, stretch your hands, arms, neck and shoulders. Rub/massage your arms - sore fingers and wrists can be a result of tight muscles in your arms. Take more breaks. Get someone to rub your neck and shoulders, too. Don’t knit for more than a couple hours at a time, especially if something hurts. Take at least a half hour break and do something else especially stretching/rubbing out your body.


If you knit at long intervals like that it may not be a bad idea to get a couple of generic resting wrist splints (the ones with metal stays under your wrist, not the compressive elastic ones) that you can wear at night. While we sleep we are likely folding our wrists into awful positions so nighttime splints allow your tendons to rest in an “open” position.
You can also try ice, but I don’t have the patience for that.

Ice on the pain, use heat for the tight muscles to relax them. I actually feel better when I wear an Ace bandage at night, but loose.


hee heee, its what happens when you get obsessed!

You’ll find these marketed as carpal tunnel splints–that pain you’re describing sounds like the beginnings of carpal tunnel, so be careful!

I wonder if carpel tunnel is hereditory. My mom suffered from it from doing lace work on cakes.

I have DeQuervain’s Tendinitis in both hands. I developed it when pregnant with my ds over 7 years ago! It hasn’t gone away (normally it does after delivery). I find that taking breaks and massaging my hands (especially my palms by my thumb) and wrists helps alot. I also go to a chiropractor and she works on my wrists for me. Another huge help. Something she told me, take a B-vitamin, that’s supposed to help as well. A combo of all these things makes me a happy knitter :slight_smile:

Oh boy… do not make the mistake i made many years back… take a break… i know it addictive to finish your knitting quick but it not worth it when your hand is aching hinting you to stop and rest …i got carpal tunnel and it never recovered from then …once it damaged u can never feel the same ever again… take our advice and take it real easy on knitting… good luck :hug:

Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you. Listen to it. Take frequent breaks to allow for rest.

I will stop and flex my fingers, rotate my wrists, and loosen everything up. Repetitive motion syndrome can be quite painful.