Knitting Over the Edge flower - kfb?

My Todder Summer Jumper pattern includes instructions for a flower embellishment from Knitting Over the Edge. It says:

CO 10 sts.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2 and all even rows: purl
Row 3: *kf&b, rep from * to end - 20 sts
Row 5: *kf&b, rep from * to end - 40 sts
[B]Row 7: *kf&b, rep from * to end - 60 sts[/B]
Row 9: *kf&b, rep from * to end - 80 sts

BO and sew flower to bodice, blah blah blah.

Row 7 throws me - kf&b across the row is going to double your stitch count, not increase it by 20, isn’t it? So how many stitches should I end up with when I finish it - 160? :??

And also - Do I BO immediately after row 9, or should I do a purl row, then BO?


That’s very odd. The numbers are off in the next line, too, if the kfb every stitch is correct.

Have you checked errata for the pattern?

Thanks for the heads up! Here it is:


<H2>Cabbage Rose[/B]

page 97

[B]Row 7[/B] Knit into front and back of st; rep from * to end—[U]80 sts.[/U]
[B]Row 8[/B] Purl.

[U]Bind off.[/U]