Knitting onto existing pieces.

Hi y’all wishing you all well. My question is, say I bought or have a shirt that’s okay-ish, and I’d like to add knitting along the bottom for more length or just a cute border. Now, if the shirt was knit then I could pick up those bottom stitches and work from there, right? On the other hand, if it is not a knit top could I sew a separate knit border then sew it on to finish? Any ideas appreciated, thank you.

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You can do that but I do know from past tatting and crochet work you can go directly through the material. I would suggest a really fine crochet hook to go through the material and then pick up stitches and knit them. Otherwise knit the edge and then sew it on. You will like the result either way.

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I haven’t done it myself, but I have a few T-shirts that I’ve considered trying it on. I think crochet is done more than knitting, but the basic info here would probably work for knitting as well. You’d just have to do the blanket stitch then slip your needle into it to create stitches I think. I’d have to try it to see for sure, but seems doable.

Here’s another blanket stitch video.

Oh look…found an old post you made about this same subject! Maybe this one has info you can use now.

Jan and mathwizard thank you! I can’t wait to try these techniques.