Knitting onto a metal ring

I am stuck! I know how to do the “knit on” cast on, but am having trouble getting it onto the ring. I have looked for a video, but can not find one. This pattern is free and here is the part that I am having a problem with:

Knit cast on 18 st on size 10 DPN.
Knit 18 st around one ring, alternating front and back of the ring, using 6 stitches each on 3 DPNs to keep the stitches tight to the ring. Turn.
K6, P6, K6. Turn.
*(K18. Turn. K6, P6, K6. Turn.) Work * 4 times for 8 rows
[total 9 rows, 18 st on needle]

Transfer stitches to 29” size 10 circular.

Thanks so much for any help!

I’ve done this before by casting on the 18sts. Then take the needle with the sts on it in the left hand and holding the ring up against the needle but to the back of the needle, both held in your left hand. Next bring the yarn down, through the loop to the back and with a second dpn knit the st off the first dpn. You’re trapping the ring in the loop of the working yarn that is making the knit st. I’m not sure what “alternating front and back of the ring” means. (Actually, I have no idea what that means.)

I’ve done it before, but barely remember what I did. I believe I used some form of slip stitch or did it like a provisional cast on then knit into it.

I do the provisional cast on from here where you use a crochet hook. I think the KH one is different, but this would work for a ring.

Also… what is the name of the pattern? Do you have a link? That always helps when asking questions.

Hi Jan,
Thank you for your help! I finally figured out the back and forth thing, but do not know how to describe it. The left needle goes on top of the ring and the working dpn goes behind it and you knit it on, like you said…then the next knit stitch the left needle goes under the ring and the working dpn goes on top and you knit it. Here is the link:

Thank you!

here it is…I might try the provisional cast on the next time!

It looks good. Thanks for the explanation of the back and forth. I’ll have to try that. And I like the idea of the provisional cast on to do this, too.