Knitting one-handed with a belt

Hi all,
I’m working with someone who has suffered from a stroke and has use of only one side of her body, however she is a keen knitter. If anyone could give me a rough step-by-step guide of how she could still knit (using one hand and a knitting belt) it would be much appreciated.


I’m sorry that I can’t help with info on the knitting belt. I have a very good friend who suffered a stroke and learned to knit afterwards. She has no fine motor control in her right hand. She now knits Portuguese style. I don’t know if this will work for your someone but you might want to look into it.

I’ve switched to what I’ve been told is Greek style knitting. It’s the same as in the videos except that I hold the yarn in my left hand and the working needle in my right hand. I think of it as hybrid Portuguese-Continental knitting. I really hope you find a workable solution.

Thank you very much for your reply, I will look into these ideas! I’m glad your friend has been able to get back into knitting again.

Kind regards,
Ailsa :aww:

Thank you. I hope you find a workable solution. I didn’t know my friend before her stroke. She is a real inspiration for me and why I learned a different knitting style which I love. What she can’t do is the fine thread crochet work she loved. Her knitted lace helps fill that space I think.

My best to you and your friend/loved one.