Knitting on the round but not joining?

This is the first knitting on the round project for me. I would like to knit dh a sweater. I is the zipped raglan sweater in Joelle Hoverson’s book of ‘Last minute knitted gifts’.

It says to cast on 38sts for left front,pm, 72sts for back,pm, 38sts for right front. On a 40" circular round. I am using US10s. Ok, so far so good. But then it says… 'Do not join for working in the round. Working back and forth in rows, establish a K4, p4 pattern with K1, p1 rib at center.'
So it makes sense as the sweater is open at the front but how do I knit on the round without joining the center? Do I use another circular needle? Or would I be better off working flat?:???:

You are knitting flat; the circ is just to fit all the stitches on. After the caston, you knit just like you do on straight needles. Take the opposite end from where the yarn is coming off and that’s your right hand needle. At the end of the row, turn, just like you do on straights and work back across the row.

Thanks, I don’t know why I couldn’t figure that out, but got it now and it is working great!

I feel that way a lot, too! Like, how in the world did I not see that before?

It sometimes takes someone else’s wording to make things click, and what you thought was just one big blog turns out to be one tiny pixel in a grand work of art. All it took was them to say “psst, step back a bit!”

So… KH is sorta like magic eye?

I asked a very similar question over on the baby stuff thread! It took me a moment to figure out that I needed to turn the work! I don’t know why it wasn’t so obvious!

I felt pretty silly after I realized how simple and easy it is.:figureditout: I am now finding knitting on the round very enjoyable. My dd can snuggle up close and I don’t poke her with the end!!

It is a cable knitt cadigan I am working on in a very dark purple with navy twead. Shetland sheep worsted wool. His favorite colour is dark purple. So far have about 5 inches done and 10 inches more to go before I start the yoke.:knitting:

Just to clear up some word usage… you’re using a circular needle, but you’re not knitting in the round. That happens if you join your work; you’re knitting flat or back and forth on a circ is all.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]OOPs, thanks, cables are fun.:doh: [/COLOR]