Knitting on The Martha Stewart Show

This Monday’s episode of The Martha Stewart Show will feature knitting! The audience members will be knitting as well! Although I’ll be at work, I’ll be sure to set my DVR!

Is that on HGTV? I’ll set mine, too…

Oops! Guess I left that out. It’s actually on NBC.

I don’t normally watch her program but I’d watch that one. Figures I’m hitting the road Monday morning.

I thought Martha was on ABC? I usually go from the Today Show to her & I have to change the channel…

I didn’t realize that. I guess the local NBC didn’t want it because it’s on CBS here.

I hope I remember to watch it. I can’t record it because that’s also when Knit and Crochet Today is on PBS Create. (I guess I could record it in analog but that station doesn’t come in very clear.)

Are they knitting prison garb? Totally kidding, of course.

I’m not a Martha fan, but I’ll tune in to this one for the knitting!


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


I’ll have to set the ol’ VCR. It is home made knit wear day. Here is the link:

I was at the taping. Its not so much about knitting. they show 3 audience members’ knitted items, and yes the whole audience was knitting or crocheting. But the show? Nothing to do with knitting. It was a little disappointing, actually : (.

Saved me from having to record! Thanks… Mary

awww, well I won’t bother taping then. bummer

I don’t know how I feel about the Martha show. It was ok at first, she really seemed to be loosened up when she started it. But as time has gone on she’s seems to have stiffened up again. It annoys me to no end that she sometimes doesn’t listen to her guests or interrupts them. I know she’ has a limited time to do what needs to be done, but it seems as though she does it when there is no time crunch too. I’m not really interested in the celebrity gossip and interviews either so there isn’t much draw for me.shrug I’ll probably turn it on to see how this knitting episode is though, maybe it’ll be interesting.

Well I did watch the Martha Stewart show. They showed one young lady wearing a knitted dress. She made it herself and got it done in a week. The dress was really cute on her. Then showed some bunny and dog out of a glove. They showed the girl who does the marzipan cupcakes, sweaters, and the scarf. Then it was back to the cooking and what ever.
She also showed how to make a bracelet with yarn. Wow not so that was that. She is still the same ol same Martha. :waving:

she sometimes doesn’t listen to her guests or interrupts them.

Granted - I do not like the woman - but I would say “frequently” rather then sometimes.
And is usually quite condescending when she does respond to them.

I watched the show too. I have seen those cupcakes before online. They are amazing. It was also interesting to see the knitted gingerbread house in England and I thought the animals made from gloves were quite cute. Not knitted though. I wonder who made the sweater Martha was wearing. She was also knitting with yarn made from her dog’s fur.

I was SO disappointed in this show. I was really hoping thst she would have more about knitting and some knitting projects… Oh well.

I believe the girl with the knitted dress works at my LYS in NJ. She is pretty talented and is the one that taught me to knit!

Also made a point of watching and was disappointed. All I kept thinking was ‘That’s it???’ :frowning:


hmm there wasn’t much knitting at all was there? Goobers! I did like the audience member with the knitted toys, espeically the snake that had a little mousie to eat :stuck_out_tongue: