Knitting on the Edge?

Has anyone ever read this book? Is it worth buying? I have seen it online and in magazines, but have never opened it to look at what is inside and if it is worth buying. If anyone has, let me know what you think.



Hi Trish,

Can you get it from your library or interlibrary loan it? That way you can see for sure if you want to spend the $$ on it. That is the best advice that I can give you.

I do own the book and it has a lot of beautiful ideas. I haven’t actually used it yet, but I look through it from time to time and I’m sure that I will use it eventually.


Yes, I was able to get my local library to purchase the book (I am waiting my turn to get it) and there is also a sequel called " Knitting Over the Edge" that is soon to be released. I haven’t seen “…On” or “…Over” yet myself, but her “Knitted Embellishments” is incredible. The books are more reference than project books, and nice to have in your knitting library, although I will probably wait until they come out in paperback. I am a Beg. Int. knitter and the embellishment book was written and pictured so clearly that I felt quite able to tackle almost anything. I can’t wait to see the Edge books.

Take a look on at the rose border pictured on the cover of the “…Over” book. I am not a flower child, but that border is too gorgeous to not want to try on something!

Ive had the book out on loan from my local library. Its brilliant. The edges are grouped together, lace, cable, rib etc. Theres lots of information, pictures and the instructions are easy to follow. All the edges can be used for any thickness of yarn and needle. Some are knitted separately and joined at the finish of knitting. Theres also some patterns at the back of the book, using some of the edges. Ive got it on my birthday list. Happy knitting all :thumbsup:


I never buy a book unless I read all (or most) of the reviews on amazon. Sometimes when I am looking at a book in the store, it looks okay, but I’m not sure if it’s really what I want, and I don’t have time to sit and mentally work through the directions so make sure they make sense. Amazon reviewers are great about being super honest… and I read all (or most) of the reviews because everyone has different needs and opinions: for instance, a “skinny minnie” saying a pattern book is great doesn’t do me much good… someone who specifically says a pattern books is great (or sucks as the case may be) for well-endowded women is very helpful to me!

Heh, now I’ve got the song “Living on the Edge” stuck in my head, only sung to “Knitting on the Edge”.