Knitting on the bias

If anyone is interested in bias knits or crochets l would be happy to teach a free knit along in the basics.

A preview of my Designing on the Bias book can be seen on knits/

Thanks Teresa

Correction on the website address.

Both links give me the site not found message.

this one worked for me, but i did have to do a search for “teresaallum” to find that - X :wink:

Is this just a way to advertise your ebook?

No I just mention my book so you will get an idea of what I do.

If I get enough response I want to do the lessons on my Facebook.

Sorry you got the wrong idea.

OK. I think I might be interested. When I saw knitting on the bias I thought of Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth. Obviously there’s more than that.