Knitting on circulars

Ok. Here’s one for you experts.

I am trying, (the key word here) to knit a baby hat on size 11 circular needles. The problem is that there is only 30-35 stitches and it doesn’t make it around to both needles. My question is how to make this work without having a huge gap between the stitches when you join them? I’ve tried a couple of times and it looks really weird and I have to mess around with the plastic line joining the needles to even get that accomplished. :??

Or is this too small to do on circulars and I should just work flat make a seam?

Thanks guys!


It sounds like the cable needles are too long. You might be better off making the hat on double pointed needles. Or if the cable is long enough, you could also try magic loop.

Thanks. I’ll check that out and see what works.

Have a good day!