Knitting on circular needles keeps coming out as purls!

I am knitting the same stupid hat (over and over again) but no matter what I do, I keep ending up with purls instead of knit stitches…what am I doing wrong? Is it possible to hold the needles wrong?? Is the needle with the yarn coming off it in my left hand and knit onto the right needle or the other way around? I am sooooooo frustrated and I wanted to get this hat/skirt/disaster done for Christmas! Sally

Well, in circular knitting you don’t use purl stitches. So if you’re alternating purl and knit like in flat knitting, that could be a reason for your problem. In circular knitting to get plain stockinette you just knit, never purl. Or your work could just be inside out, in which case you needn’t worry overly much, I can’t think of a project where you couldn’t just turn it right-side out when it’s done.

You want to start out with your working yarn coming off the first stitch on your RIGHT needle. This is what makes the ‘join’. Also, it IS possible to do it somewhat backwards. You want to start with your two needles closest to you with the rest of the ‘loop’ of stitches away from you. Does that make sense?? Have you looked at Amy’s videos on circular knitting?? It helps to get a visual of the proper way to do it, if you are unfamiliar. Good luck.

Could you send me the link for the video on circular needles? I think I need it! I can’t get the two sides to join, either, even tho I keep knitting and knitting. Also, I am doing all knit stitches, but the knit is on the inside, not the outside!

If your hat is on circulars then knitting will produce stockinette. If you want it to look like knitting then I think you have to alternate knit and purl. Is that right?

Here’s the link for knitting with circular needles. If you’re knitting and are getting purls on the outside, then you’re knitting on the INSIDE of your tube, as Aidan suggested. You could turn it inside out when you’re done, or if you want to have the knits on the outside, hold the needles closest to you as knitqueen said.

Is the stockinette side the side with V’s or the side with the bumps? ( I just ripped it all out again!) The directions say to put the stockinette side of the earflaps on needles so the stockinette faces me.

Yes–in stockinette the v’s are considered the front.

I think my mistake must be right at the beginning of moving the earflaps to needles and from there to the circulars. Whatever it is that I am doing, the earflaps and the stitch is opposite…I have the stockinette of the earflap pointing outside the circulars and inside the hoop of the circulars is purl stitch, but when I knit, I keep getting purl outside and knit inside the hoop so the earflaps don’t match what I am doing, if that makes sense. So now I have ripped it all out except the earflaps and am about to knit them on straight needles first and do cable castons, then onto the circulars for the 80millionth time! I watched the video, but it doesn’t look any different than what I am doing. So it says to move the earflaps with stockinette facing me. How can I mess that up???

Once I actually knit the earflap (which started out on dpn with stockinette facing me) onto the straight needle, the stockinette is no longer facing me…is that right??? Or is this where I am messing up?

Hmmm, I’m not sure what is happening with the earflaps, but could you maybe just knit the hat by itself and then sew on the earflaps after? That’s kinda the easy way out though… :oops:

You probably shouldn’t have to move the earflaps to different needles before putting them on circulars. Do you have them on stitch holders? Or another needle? Often when you’re joining something like earflaps you just leave the earflaps on the needle they’re on, and knit them onto the circular needle. So you have the circular needle in your right hand and the earflap needle/stitchholder in your left. Just make sure the knit (V) side is always facing you! Don’t know if that helps or just makes things more confusing. :thinking: Oh, and if you could link to the pattern that might help.

Here is pattern:
I was supposed to knit two ear flaps off dpns onto an 8 straight and from there onto circular.

Are you turning your work? That would make the earflap purls start to face you.

What you could do for your own sanity and understanding is to knit everything onto a straight needle so that all the knits are on the same side.

Then slip everything onto a circular needle and then start in the round with all the knits on the outside with the needles closest to you. Think of your circular needles as a cup. You drink from the side of the cup closest to you with the rest of the cup away from you. Same with the knitting.

Don’t feel bad! When I first started knitting in the round, I was knitting everything inside out, until I realized that I too should have the needles closest to me. wHOOPs! :shock:

I was just going to say that it is possible to hold the needles in a way to makes the work “inside out” when you are knitting circular(ly). Watch a few more of the videos on the circular knitting.