Knitting on braid?

I am wanting to learn to do colorwork and try fair isle knitting. I think this Inga hatis so pretty!!! :inlove: I have been watching fair isle videos here on knittinghelp and on youtube and it seems pretty simple, except for probably getting the right tension :think: Anway, it says in the instructions that

“[I]Rows 1 through 3 of chart are a knitted on braid (see directions under “abbreviations and stitches used” on next page[/I].”

The braid is described as follows:
[B]Braid (worked over rows 1, 2, and 3 of
[I]Row 1: k 1 in MC, k 1 in CC1
Row 2: bring yarns to front of work, p 1 in
MC, cross strand of CC1 over strand just
worked, p 1 in CC1, cross MC over CC
Repeat from * to * across row.
Row 3: Starting with MC, work as for Row
2, but cross strand just worked UNDER
strand to be worked.[/I]

I figure the “braid” has something to do with crossing the yarn, but I am much better with visuals. Is there a video somewhere showing this braid technique, or would I be better off starting with a simpler stranded knitting project?

Maybe someone will come up with a video on how to do this. I don’t know of one, but I just wanted to say if you can’t figure out how to do the edge the way they show it you could do it another way. A simple corrugated ribbing for the 3 rows and then follow the chart would work. The pattern isn’t that hard once you get past the braid thing. A stranded pattern is actually easier the more often it changes colors and this one is pretty good about that most of the time. There is a place or two where they go 7 stitches without a change but as long as you keep the floats loose you could just do them anyway since no fingers are going to get stuck on the floats or anything. I know some people like to catch in floats often, but I don’t. You could try it on the long runs, but often it looks better if you don’t bother.

The corrugated ribbing is just *k1 with MC, keeping both yarns in back, move the CC yarn to the front and P1 with CC yarn; repeat from * all the way around. Keep them lined up like that all the time over the number or rounds of it you want. Or you could just do a regular ribbing for that matter and the hat would still be pretty.

Try this video of twisted braid trim.

I especially like her cast on technique. One strand over the thumb & the other over the forefinger. I plan to start using it for my 2 color work.

Here’s a couple links -

Thanks so much everyone. That is very helpful. :cheering:

What a wonderful technique! I can’t wait to try this.