Knitting Olympics - Winter 2010

Good Morning!

I’m actually almost amazed that I haven’t yet seen a thread for the Knitting Olympics this year! Well, maybe just cause I’m a bit excited as this is the first Olympics since I took up knitting again (and it sounds like a whole lot of fun).

The Yarn Harlot has posted up her rules once again with a sign up button as well so people can go on a list to see who else is participating and what they are making. You can see her post here.

Yes, I do realize there are the Ravelympics as well, but for those of us who wish to participate as a solo participant and not a team (though I am determined to watch the Bobsled Teams this year), the Yarn Harlot’s version of the Knitting Olympics fits the bill.

Now, I’m not discounting anyone who is also doing the Ravelympics, seeing as how things can always overlap, but I thought it’d be cool to have a thread here for encouragement, progress, and just some good Olympic conversation to happen as the group here at KH are some of the most helpful people I’ve run across on the net.

So without further ado, for the Winter 2010 Knitting Olympics, I am going to tackle the ever-beautiful Hemlock Ring Blanket! I have selected some Black Cascade Eco+ yarn for this project and will be casting on either late Friday night (after the torch is lit) or Saturday morning/afternoon.

What will you be undertaking for the Knitting Olympics this year? Is anyone on a team through Ravelry?

Can’t wait to hear what everyone else is doing!


P.S. - Has anyone actually done curling?

Thanks for the link! I might actually consider doing that XD If not, maybe my best friend will try it.

And as for your post script, I have not done it; though my boyfriend feels the need to do a hilarious satirical impersonation every time he sees it on tv.

Wow, I’d never really heard of Knitting Olympics, but it sounds so cool and I just signed up! I’ll be doing Andrea’s Mitts, from Knitpicks. There are some techniques I’m new to in the pattern, and the time limit will inspire me to do them both together (which is important because I want them both to be exactly the same). The flame will be lit tonight, no? I don’t have a TV, so I’ll just cast on sometime after 6:00 this evening, like she said on her blog. I’m excited!

I really do want to actually try Curling one of these days, but it’ll have to wait till I’m up Nort’ again.

Hurray for Andrea’s Mitts! I have those in my queue to go with Andrea’s Shawl for my DBF’s Mom for Mother’s Day. You’ll have to give us a nice review of how you like knitting them!

Yep, tonight the flame is lit! It is lit at 6pm PST (which is 9pm EST per Ravelry), but tonight is the night! I’m very excited! The blanket will be a nice change from the lace shawl I’ve been working on.

Cool, I didn’t know there was an Andrea’s Shawl! I’ll have to check that out.

Drat, I’ll have to wait until 9:00 to cast on. :tap: Oh, well. I haven’t finished my swatch yet, and I have other projects going if I do finish before 9.

Since I cast on for socks last night (yeah, I started knitting at like 11pm) I thought I’d sign up too! yay for fun knitting insanity!

Missed this post, would have been fun to do and I may do it unofficially since I missed the official cast on time… have fun everyone!

I’m doing mine unofficially. Just didn’t feel like singing up.I think the main point is challenging yourself to make the deadline anyways.My best friend is doing it unofficially as well :slight_smile: We’re just keeping our own private journals on the events. loves her typewriter

Going to try a shawl, something I haven’t yet done. Now I just have to decide which one! Something simple to start with. I’m leaning toward Boneyard in a fine weight red ombre yarn.

OK so I have one ball of this yarn, and I’ve made three socks out of one ball before… but this one is going to make just one! So now I can’t make a matching pair.
So I’m going to make an unmatched pair… I have a single ball of another yarn I’d like to try on this pattern.

If it’s too little to make socks, you could always make some nice, little cuffs like these.

Those are very pretty and I thank you for the link, but my personal aesthetics are opposed to using variegated yarn for a lace pattern.
I’m going to see if the LYS sells this yarn, and pick up another ball or two. I wound up knitting the pattern too small and still ran out of yarn. I do normally knit socks small, because I like my socks to fit snuggly, but this pattern has a strip that stretches less/differently, so I need to make them a little bigger than usual.
…who needs food this week? I need yarn.:teehee:

LOL I love this sentiment! I may have to borrow it…oh wait, I did by placing another order with Knit Picks this week, and the DBF doesn’t understand my desire of cute little stitch markers off of Etsy (though the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reminiscent ones he is okay with).

Sad to hear about the socks, Jess, but I hope you can find some yarn to match somewhat (or not match at all, those could be cool socks too!).

The unofficial is certainly a fun way to go! I do enjoy a bit of a challenge to ensure I get a larger project done by a deadline as it just gives that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Nicole - how’s the Andrea’s Mitts coming along? I’m so curious what others think of the pattern before I dive in myself (which will probably be in March).

As for my Knitting Olympics project, I am about 40% complete with Hemlock Ring Blanket. I ended up making a cute little Excel spreadsheet to figure out how far along I actually was. The blanket is so deceptive! I was cruising the first two days and thought I was going great, but that’s cause it was all the inner rows of the blanket (which are short and cute and go quickly), but there is still so many stitches to go as the outermost layer will have 568 stitches for the last 6 rounds plus an interesting bind off row.

It was looking pretty when I started, but now it’s kind of a bundle of yarn. Might try to take a picture, but don’t think it’ll look like much as I’m doing it in black Eco+ (which is like…enormous skeins if you’ve ever seen one) to match the living room.

Also, the Olympics make for great knitting time!! The DBF and I differ greatly on how the figure skating is judged, but it has been very fun to sit and watch them this time around.

It seems like I overestimated the difficulty of this project. :shifty: I definitely liked it; there were some techniques I hadn’t used before (crocheted provisional cast on, picot bind off, etc.), and I think it turned out cute. (The top flares out a little bit, but I’ll see if I can do anything about that when I block it.) Now I’m into the second one, and it’s going well.

The only problem was that I finished the first one after only three days, so to make the Knitting Olympics more of a challenge, I think I’ll try to complete two projects in the 17 days. I’m not sure what I’ll do after I finish the second mitt, but I definitely have a lot of projects lined up, so I’ll try to pick something more challenging.

Those are really awesome! I’m about 2/3 the way through my shawl (I think, never done a shawl and not really sure how far I am). I think I’ll be done with it by the end… if not, it won’t be much longer than that.

So I fail at knitting Skew - I got 2 mostly finished that had to be frogged, so instead I designed and knitted a sock of my own.