Knitting notions

Since all the wonderful ladies here had such great advice for knitting bags. I thought I would come here to ask this as well. What notions do you keep in your bag and what do you store them. I am trying to figure out what I need with me when I am not knitting at home and the easiest way to store them. But I am not sure what I will need besides stitch markers and sisscors. I don’t want to carry anything more then I need. Thanks

Stitch markers - I keep them on one of those metal “office” rings with the hinge that you can open and close.

Small pair of scissors

Crochet hook - never know when you’ll drop a stitch.

Small ball of scrap yarn - can be used whenever you need a quick stitch holder(s).

small ruler or measuring tape

For portable projects (socks only) I keep my notions in a ziploc bag with my sock project because my knitting travels in my checked luggage. Ziplocs are cheap, light, see through and TSA can see what it is so they’re much less likely to open it and lose something. TSA can be sooo knitting unfriendly, and not just at the gate. :sad:

But I always have a couple split ring markers, a few stitch holders, a fold up pair of scissors, a crochet hook, and my stitch gauge/needle size thingy (technical term there, eh? ;)) for a ruler. Next best thing to a measuring tape.

What’s in my knitting bag? I found this great Cumberland Concepts bag that holds everything I need. I got mine singly in the office supply department at Walmart. I have tapestry needles that I keep right in the package they came in so I don’t lose them. I have a crochet hook for crocheting ties on knitted garments and for doing a provisional cast on. Small pair of scissors. Tape measure. A few double points. I don’t knit with them. I do everything on circulars but these dps come in handy for three needle bind offs. I have a Susan Bates metal knitting gauge–ESSENTIAL for every knitter. It has a slot for knitting swatches for gauge. Also has holes for telling needle sizes, in American and mm sizes. It’s faster for me to grab my gauge than to look up the conversions on the internet if I come across a UK pattern. I use Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeable needles. I have the cables in the clear package they came in. My needle tips I put in a Boye crochet hook pouch. It all fits in one Concepts bag. It’s portable. I can grab and go.

I have my notions bag with me in whatever knitting bag I’m carrying. The most important things to me are -

Small scissors
Stitch markers (round metal ones)
Removable stitch markers
Yarn needles
Needle tightening keys (for KP interchangeables)
Needle gauge/ruler
Squares of grippy shelf liner for tightening needles on cable
Pencil and small notepad
My KP needles and cables in my small interchangeable needle case

I keep the stitch markers (both types) and keys in an old Altoids tin

I think that’s about it in addition to a couple projects.

I don’t have stitch markers in mine. I tie bits of scrap contrasting yarn on the needles for markers. Mine all got lost for me. My cats think they make dandy floor hockey pucks. lol

That’s good idea. I’ll have to put it into the back of my head. Thanks for all the ideas. I have learned the hard why to always have something to cut with me at all times. I went on a car trip a couple of weeks ago and ended up finishing what I was working on. I relized I had no way to cut it. I ended up using a lighter to create a long tail and late cutting it smaller and weaving it in. But it taught me to never leave the house prepared.

Hey, there’s always a fingernail clipper. Works in a pinch and most of us ladies have one in our purses.

I don’t have a knitting bag, perse… I have a little glass jar on the table beside my chair where I keep my markers, some sewing needles, a little round measuring tape, a small blackhandled pair of scissors and that’s about it. I do have a sap bucked full of old knitting needles that I don’t use any more now that I have my Addis set (I still love the old knitting needles to look at… )and a big basket of yarn sits on the floor beside my chair.
I use a bag when I’m going out to knit, like at a friend’s house, but usually only carry the things I will need for that outing and take it all out again when I get home.

Stitch ring markers, gauge/rule, pen, measuring tape, tapestry needles in one of those little containers. I also use those longer post-its to keep track of where I am if I am using a chart (lace knitting).

I have much the same notions in my zip-lock bag as others. But I also have an emery board handy, as well as a flat, thin calculator. The calculator is because I’m horrible at math, and I almost always change a pattern in some way–so it’s essential!!!

I carry stitch markers I can put on needle and slip to other needle, markers I can insert in a stitch and leave it to mark a certain stitch. I also carry a small pair of hemostats to help pull a stubborn needle through fabric. as well as a needle guage. Not to mention all the other items mentioned in posts above.

I have all my notions in a little zippered bag that came with a Lancome giveaway someone gave me. I take it with whatever project bag I’m taking for the day. If I think I’ll need extra needles then I take either my whole Options case too, or (more likely) just one of the plastic zipper pouches that has the sizes I might need.

In the notions bag I keep the same stuff as mentioned - stitch markers (I prefer the plastic Boye ones that open and close since you can put them anywhere and move them) in their own tiny case, an empty Rx bottle with my tapestry needles, a KP options key, and a KP options cable connector, a small tape measure, yarn scraps, an extra 32" KP options cable (ever had one where the ends pop off?), 2 crochet hooks and a cable needle, a small pair of sharp scissors (up to 4" with sharp points are allowed on planes per TSA rules), a pen, KP options endcaps, a set of rubber tip points, a yarn guide that goes on your finger (for Fair Isle - although I would only use it for 3 colors in a row since I do Fair Isle 2 handed), and [B]dental floss to use as a lifeline.[/B] I bolded dental floss since I think it’s the only new idea! :slight_smile:

I love having the KP options connector and an extra cable - I can try on something while making it without having to put it on waste yarn!

Unlike Charlotte, I have never had a problem with TSA. I always take knitting in my carry-on and have never even had anyone ask to look at it. The only time anyone ever looked was on a trip through Switzerland. In Zurich, they asked to examine my scissors, but they gave them right back. YMMV though!

I have everything in the bag that came with my KP Options:

Stitch holders
Stitch markers (both kinds)
darning needle
gauge guide
small plastic bag of yarn pieces for marking
golf pencil
crotchet hook
Needle Caps
Extra cables

Oh yeah… I’d like to keep my needle gauge with me in my little bag, but it won’t fit. If I think I’ll need it, I just stick it loose in my knitting bag. :slight_smile:

If I knit away from home a lot, I’d carry everything [I]plus the kitchen sink.
However, mostly I only knit at our local monthly Knitter’s Guild meetups. At that time, I take scissors, tapestry needle, crochet hook…and if applicable, a cable needle. And an extra ball of yarn, IN CASE I get more done than I think I might!

On our mountains vacations…you don’t even want to know what I bring.
The question is: what DON’T I bring? :teehee:

If I would be in a remote area I’d probably take a couple of reference books, too! Luckily with the internet usually handy, I don’t usually need a book. Am I the only one who forgets how to do a technique [I]ever[/I]y time I start a new project? How did you do that special caston/ bindoff/ increase/ decrease/ intarsia/ cable/ etc. again? :teehee:

I ALWAYS forget exactly how to do a special cast-on! Always!

Before my Droidx (with internet access) I’d always bring my Knitting Help CD. It contains the entire website on one CD. The videos, etc., not the forum of course!

I’d play it in my laptop. I could prolly play it in my Sony DVD player, too.

A book I bring is not too large. “Finishing Techniques” by Nancie Wiseman. It has a lot of basics, cast ons, bind offs, decreases, increases, etc too. And good diagrams!

With internet access on my Droidx, I’m set when we’re off-the-grid in the mts.:happydance:

Yeah I love that Nancie Wiseman book! :slight_smile:

Thanks again i was not sure of what I really needed. I tend to bring always overpack. And I figured if I won’t always need it then it doesn’t need a permeant place in my knitting bag.

I will have to look for that book. I am alway looking for videos and how to because I forget how to do something.