Knitting Notecards!

Well my fabulous swap buddy has been sending with her gifts these cute knitting note cards by Studio 16. Someone suggested I look at our Michaels to see if they had them. I was even told sometimes they were in the clearance rack for 1.00. Well guess what? I FOUND them. All 5 designs. And guess what? I got them for .50 a piece! So now I have cute notecards as well :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share :slight_smile: $2.71 for 5 packs of notecards (40 cards and envelops total). I can’t complain :slight_smile:


I bought a bunch of them before. I need to go and get some more.

i had only bought one pack of them when the Michael’s by my house had them because I wasn’t knitting yet. Now I wish I had bought more! They are the perfect gift cards when you knit a gift for someone.

Nice haul…my Michaels didn’t have them :frowning: But, I did buy some from DivaKnitting :wink:

My Michaels doesn’t have them either. :frowning:

Cool! I’ll have to see if I can find me some at the Michael’s here. :thumbsup:

:cheering: I went to a sheep and wool festival a few weeks ago and the only thing I saw that I REALLY wanted to buy were a pack of knitting note cards. I paid $16.00 for them!! :shock: I just went to get them to see what “brand” they were but I can’t find them at the moment…but mine are all of FairIsle designs. They are very pretty.

I “collect” beautiful stationery and note cards…so I know I have them here someplace!! :roflhard: