Knitting needles

Hi there what is smaller the size 8 or size 10, just want to check which way the sizes go. Thank you

In US sizes, the 8 is smaller


I’m in the UK so not sure if that is the same thank you

In UK sizes, the larger the number, the smaller the needles (at least with the current sizing system!)
Size 10 needles are smaller than 8s. UK size 8 needles are 4mm, size 10 I think are around 3.25mm, but there does seem to be some leeway there as I’ve found some 3.5mm size 10s before as well.


Thank you for the information Shintoga, could it make a lot of difference say if you knit a jumper in size 10 instead of 8. With the border being knitted In size 8 instead of 10 thanks

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No problem, Kayla!

As far as my knowledge is concerned 8 is smaller in size.

Thank you

Here’s a chart for US UK knitting needle sizes.

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So looking at the chart 10 is the smallest, I never knew that but then again as I said I only knit probably 1 item at a time lol just done a blanket for our granddaughter due next month, so though I make a jumper for myself usually it says what size needles are needed on this one is just says use the smallest first which does not help someone like me lol