Knitting needle sizes

Are there any knitting needle sizes between a US 19 and 35? The project I want to knit is calling for size 35s, but from my gauge I am knitting loose and need to go down in needle size, but the next smaller needles I found are 19s.

Thank for any info.

Everything I’ve seen too jumps from 19 to 35. Maybe you’ll need to adjust the item in some other way. What are you making?

maybe trying with a 19 will be okay? Or maybe if you keep knitting with the 35s your guage will settle - there’s always blocking.

But ya, it depends on what you’re making.

I don’t know…there is a pretty huge difference between the 19’s and the 35’s. Unless you’re off by a LOT, I doubt that will help.

yea, I’ve never knit with those before…um, there’s dowels tho, so if all else fails you can try to get some dowels that are in between and make your own?

The difference between a 19 and a 35 (who came up with these sizes?) is 3 mm. A 19 is 16 mm and a 35 is 19mm. And I can’t find anything that is in a 17 or 18 mm. Depending on how loosely you knit you may be able to get away with a 19. Give it a try and see.

Wow…my 35’s sure seem a lot bigger than just 3mm bigger than my 19’s! Guess the 19’s would be worth a shot then.

I’m knitting the Beau collar/mini-cape from the Big Just Got Bigger book.

I actually made this with Blue Sky Alpaca yarn first (I couldn’t find the Biggie Print yarn at first). Will post the FP soon.

But now that I have the right yarn for the original pattern, it knits up too short. I’m going to try with the 19s.

I’m so bad with math/numbers that I’m not sure I can recalculate the pattern.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

I agree that you might also want to try making your own from dowels to try those in-between mm’s.