Knitting my first sock!

Hello all,

I’m new here. I’ve decided to try out a knitting forum to see if I can get some extra help or tips that my mother cannot give.

I’m a rather beginner knitter but I’ve done my practising on scarves and little squares that I’m ready to take it to the next step. I want to make my first sock!

So I’ve gone through and found my pattern and have the right yarn for the job and maybe 1mm too big of needles, but I figure since I’m not good at keeping my tension loose, that I will be okay.

I will post the pattern in my next post, as apparently I’m not allowed to post images or links until my post count is 1 or greater, lol. First off, it says to cast on 68 stitches, dividing them evenly across three needles. Then it suggests that it’s 17 each which has my mind in confusion because if I do the math of 68/3, it’s 22, 23, 23… so now I’m wondering if the pattern is messed up. Because as I decided to do the 22, 23, 23 and started to knit and purl (as pattern says) I ended with 2 knits which means I purl on the next one??? Or do I keep knitting and purling?

I’m extremely confused with the knit 2, purl 2, knit alternately instruction.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Here is the link!

I don’t think the number of stitches on each needle matters too much at this point. I don’t know what they mean by [I]Knit alternately [/I] but the picture does show 2x2 ribbing so that’s what I do. If you want 2 knits or 2 purls together at the end of the needle, set it up that way. When you get to the heel you can make sure you have the right number of stitches where you need them for working the heel.

Since you’ve not done socks before you might want to watch Shandeh’stutorial for socks. I started with Lifestyle socks to learn how to do them (but that’s toe up and your pattern is top down) and made my first pair in worsted weight yarn. As a newish knitter I found it easier to learn the steps required for socks in a heavier yarn using larger needles. You might consider a pattern for thicker yarn for a practice pair and then do the sock weight yarn.

17 stitches per needles works out if you’re using 5 needles, 17 stitches on each of 4 needles and knit with a 5th. As for ribbing, when working in the round, you knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. When knitting stockinette in the round, you knit every round unlike flat knitting which is knit a row, purl a row.

Your pattern is incomplete. Do you have the rest of it where you make the heel flap, turn the heel, pick up stitches for the gusset, decrease the gusset stitches, and knit to the toe, decrease, and finish with the kitchener stitch?

Here’s an easy pattern. If you print it, you can highlight the instructions for the size you’re knitting:

How to do kitchener stitch also known as grafting:

And just in case your mind hasn’t been boggled yet, below is a great tutorial on how to knit socks from the cuff down. There are 6 or 7 of these videos, and you pretty much don’t need to buy the pattern because you can figure out everything (except turning the heel) from what she tells you in the videos. These are done in worsted weight, by the way, so if you successfully complete your first pair in regular sock-weight yarn, you might not even need to watch these.

HOWEVER, what she teaches is a basic “sock formula,” so it’s handy to know. If you do decide to go this route, holler when you get to the turning the heel part, and I can refer you to the pattern I used to complete it.

Meanwhile, here’s the first video: (a link is given at the end of the video for the next step)

First off, thank you all for replying!

Secondly, wow, I feel a little dumb. Haha. Didn’t even think that it could be four needles + 1. I bought this yarn because I don’t know where else to buy yarn in Berlin, Germany and saw this and was like, yes! I want to knit some more. So I went to their website to find some sock patterns for this yarn, as I can’t find any others.

I will take your advices and check out the videos and other patterns :smiley:
Thank you all again!!!